Bottega Veneta Pre-Fall 2011 Quick Review

This year's pre-fall Bottega Venetta collection is very appealing to me - I love how it's so classy and sophisticated, still playful in a way. Dark, heavy colors with splashes of color, just as much heavy fabrics as light, soft ones and gorgeous styling
There's something sooo vintage about the whole collection...

  • vintage feel, nice colors, fantastic tailoring and great materials
  • 1960s style
  • the color splashes are beautiful

  • the colors are mostly too dark
  • some of the pieces are so simple they're almost boring

What are your points on the collection? Favorite/least favorite piece? Comment :) xo


  1. i'm lovin the last picture of the orange dress

  2. Not loving the coat in the fourth picture. But I am absolutely loving the fifth and six picture outfits! The red dress is gorgeous. :)

  3. I love all the colors and textures! They're so fab. You know I was watching this movie called Flipped which is a cute little coming of age romance and I couldn't stop admiring the vintage outfits they had going on (the movie was set in the 60s). Your post just reminded me of that.

    ~newscutouts from newscutouts.blogspot.com

  4. I agree with you that some pieces are too simple. Simple is good but some of these models look so not ready to go! Like you woke up too late and hadn't time to style up. But if take one thing like coat it can make a lovely look! xx



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