MAC Wonder Woman Collection Launch Party

Please welcome my photo report slideshow from the fantastic launch party of MAC's latest collection, Wonder Woman, and three smaller collections, the Sheen Supreme Lipstick, the Creme Blend Blush and the new Viva Glam with a darker nude color lipstick and lipgloss.

The party was great, and I couldn't help but desperately want a huge compact highlighter-blush-bronzer trio from the Wonder Woman collection, so I bought it. Shame on me. It's gorgeous though. 
My favorite piece from the WW collection besides the compact is the golden color pigment. That's something to die for really.
The red lipstick and red (raspberry flavored) lipgloss are as seen on the model in the slideshow. They are also really pretty. 

All in all, I must admit I adore the new collection(s), and I'm very contented with the new pieces. Oh, I almost forgot - the purple mascara is a must! xo


Tea Cup Ring

I got a new ring from eBay, it arrived in the mail today. It's an Alice in Wonderland-theme ring and it's cute. It really is. See for yourself.

How do you like it? You know already I'm a sucker for rings and this piece truly is special. I love it. Comment, people! xo


My Latest Finds and Outfit for Tomorrow

I've been shopping, yaay! ...although I'm going to spend the weekend in Rome (yaay!!), I really needed to look around in a few shops.
Now, I've found really cute stuff which I really wanna show you! 

First, the outfit I plan to wear tomorrow. A grey sweater I found in a Peek and Cloppenburg store and a floral skirt from Mango, accessorized with some rings and a grey bangle.

Sorry for the picture taken from sideways, but this was the only angle I could show most of the outfit. What do you think? I love the ruffles on the shoulder of the sweater so much! And the floral pattern's colors match the grey sweater, doesn't it? 

The other thing is the stuff I bought today. I got two bags, two rings, a bangle and a sequined hat. They are the sweetest! 

What do you think? I love them. You? Please, comment, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Female Leaders' Style: Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany

First thing first, I don’t mean to go political in this series. I immediately remove every politics related comment. Also, what I write in these posts might not be right in terms of protocol. Maybe they dress how they dress because it has some kind of message. I don’t know and it’s not what the series is about.
The idea for this series comes from a book that I just came across yesterday. It’s Read my Pins by Madeleine Albright. Long story short, the book basically goes through Albright’s entire carreer and shows it from a very unusual angle – her brooches. I know, right? What do brooches have to do with politics? As it turned out, a lot. Each pin Albright used over the years had a message, symbolized something and was carefully chosen. So I wondered – do every female politician use such tricks?
I chose influential, successful female leaders whose sense of style and the message they might mean to symbolize I will analyze each week. For the first week, I chose the 8th Chancellor of Germany, the 57 years old Angela Merkel.

Merkel’s style is very typical. Ask anyone how Merkel dresses, they’ll know immediately. She always wears suits, round neck tops and huge scarfs. Her style is not feminine at all, the only signs showing she’s actually a lady are her pearls she’s frequently wearing.
I see a huge problem with Frau Merkel’s style right away: high cut tops. Let’s face it, her body shape falls into the spoon cathegory, she’s short and got extremely short neck. Short neck is the key here, she’s doing the worst at correcting this flaw of hers. She’s wearing suits, which is a good thing, those alone would work well with her neck, especially with special upturned collars sometimes. A suit’s V-neck could make her neck look longer and thinner – but she destroys this vision by putting on a round neck top under the suit each and every time. A round neck top breaks the neckline and makes everyone’s neck shorter. By everyone, I mean even that girl with the longest neck ever. Also, her pearls are exactly parallel with the round neckline, only they’re above, which of course doesn’t help either. Neither do scarfs, though the Chancellor probably wears them to hide her neck.

In 2006, Merkel’s style proven to be so inspirational to Wolfgang Joop, he’s dedicated a line from his fall/winter collection to Merkel. He described Merkel’s style as strong and fearless, which is probably just the message she’s trying to convey. I believe her masculine taste in fashion mean to represent power and strength indeed and I’m sure the message is coming through, but in 2009, the same designer advised her to show more skin – by which he probably meant the same thing I’d suggest, although in 2008 Merkel already made a mistake with low-cut tops: she showed too much cleavage in an evening dress in the opera in Norway. The media liked the story so much even the government spokesman commented it.

All in all I’d definitely recommend wearing V-neck tops, upturned collars and long necklaces to Frau Merkel. Also, wearing long earrings could do wonders to her neck, though I’m not sure it’d be entirelly appropriate. The three pieces below would look impeccable put together on her, though of course the t-shirt alone seems to be a weird choice for a country’s leader.

Now, what do you think? How would you dress Merkel up? Comment or share your Polyvore choices with us!
Next week I’ll analyze Cristina Kirchner, President of Argentina.


Ralph Lauren Fall 2011 Quick Review

I really like Ralph Lauren ever since I like fashion, but he really did screw up last year.
This time, he did wonders to this collection. I'm in love with the masculine touch, the shiny fabrics, everything, but this post should not at all be about my opinion. It's an objective review.


  • shiny velvets, satins 
  • pretty tailoring 
  • fresh, surprising patterns


  • heavy colors
  • some skirts' lengths are not-so-pretty

I wonder what you think of this collection compared to the SS2011 looks? Leave any thoughts in a comment below :) xo


Vote for Royal Floral

Dear Darling Readers of Mine,
I'd like to ask you a tiny little favor. I just entered a fashion competition on The Shopping Forecast, which is basically about making an outfit for Kate Middleton for the Royal Wedding - not a wedding dress, of course, but, like, something for the reception, I guess. Anyways, I made an outfit, Royal Floral, and I really, really, really need you to vote for it! Winning this competition would mean being able to exchange my points for any clothes on The Shopping Forecast site - meaning I would have plenty of new swag to blog about! It totally does worth it for all of us! JK, or course, but I still really need votes! Oh, and let me show you the pieces the outfit includes!

So, please, please, please, my darlings, click here and vote for my outfit! Thank you! :) xo

Fill Your Bag Up with Some Kate Spade

I have a fantastic school break going on this week and I got a fantastic flu to deal with during the break, yayy. But since I can't really leave my room, I have way more than enough time to spend on eBay, which means I already bought a few stuff which I will show you of course as soon as they arrive. 
Also, I discovered there are millions, trillions of fabulous Kate Spade goodies to buy on eBay. Then my imagination began to fly around the room and now here we go, I made you a little collection of things you can fill your bag up with and are made by Kate Spade. Enjoy!

I know it's not something you put into your bag, but it's the bag you put stuff into.
I love the silver stud on it, I love the handle, I love the shape of it...I fell in love with this bag, period. Too bad I don't have $355 to spend on it. 

This wallet matches the bag above and I still adore the stud, furthermore I love the crocodile leather material - in this amount! I'm not a huge fan of it if there is too much of it, but this wallet is just perfect. 

So sweet, so cosmopolitan, so chic! I adore this tiny pouch. Can you not love, love, love the stamps on it!? I may be overenthusiastic...

I like the pink one better, it's feminine and chic and cool and leather and Kate Spade - it's fabulous! Gotta love it.

Although you can get the one on the picture, moreover you can get two of it, it costs 200 bucks and I thought "who would ever want to buy iPhone cases for $200?", so I didn't link it, but you still can find it here.
I love this case, I'd get an iPhone 4 just so I can use a case like this! Pure love!

What do you think? What would you add to the list? What are our favorite Kate Spade pieces? Comment :) xo


I ♥ Links

Shame on me I actually didn't do this thing for 4 weeks. Let me excuse myself - I accidentally turned the submission form off, meaning I didn't get any submissions for 3 and a half weeks. 
Lucky for us, the last 3-4 days brought enough submissions to pick the best five out of, so here we go, the five best links of the week!

I gave all of you, my dear blogger friends, the chance to submit your best posts of the week. This way I could find blogs I didn't even know, so I couldn't have found without this new submission system.

I ♥ Links
  • Timeless Hues Spotted in 2010
    It's great editorial. A look-back on 2010's ageless fashion elements. A love the idea, I love the pictures, it's all fantastic! This great post is on Roses et Épines.
  • The Flying Squirrel by Young Restless
    I love the collection this post is about, I love the pictures, I adore the quality of the post, and I especially like it when the blogger's mother tongue and the same text in english is in the post! Lovely! Brought to us by Le Paradox.
  • How To Make Envelopes From Old Fashion Magazines
    It's a very sweet and really creative how-to on making envelopes out of magazine pages. I love it! I will definitely try to make one -- although I almost never send real male...I'm so 2011. This nice tutorial was made by Dora Cruceru.
  • Vogue Italia: Summerton's Dud Spread
    Smart and self-opinion centric post on Emma Summerton's "The Blackallure". It's interesting and makes you actually think about it -- which fashion blogs rarely do. Great article on International Fashion.
  • Lady in Red
    Really nice post collecting celebrities wearing red. It's a very sweet eye-candy, and I especially love the dress Corinne wears in the last paragraph -- it's very pretty! Sweet read by Corinne Monique.

These're the five best posts of this week's lineup. 
Please, don't feel upset or anything, if your post didn't make it to the list this week - submit your next fantastic post for next week's "I ♥ Links"
Please, mind the "Your Post's URL" part - your post's URL is required there, not your blog's! 
If you submit your blog's URL, it's invalid, I'm really sorry. I'm saying this because this situation occurred in case of 3 or 4 submissions and it feels really bad to invalidate posts. 

Thank you for the submissions, everyone! Don't forget to participate in next week's round-up!
Comment, whether you like the links or what :) xo

P.S.: I'd like to call your attention to two things about the blog. 
First, the "Style Journals Topsite" button on the top left -- it'd mean a lot to me if you'd click on this button once every few days. 
Second, the toolbar on the bottom of your browser window, when you open my blog -- it's called a Wibiya Toolbar. It's a really cool social toolbar thingy, and makes it really easy for you to digg, tweet, post on FB about My Fashion Lust List or chat with me or other readers (all you need to do is click to "Join Chat" and login via FB, Yahoo, Twitter or MySpace)! I'd really love to turn this blog into some kinda dynamic networking place, I'd like to build a community here :) xo


Giveaway - Swapflower by vadjutka!

Let me announce My Fashion Lust List's next giveaway
in cooperation with vadjutka!
This time you can win a gorgeous, variable and innovative Swapflower necklace 
made by vadjutka!

I first saw vadjutka's jewelries on Etsy in October, 2010 and they caught me at the first sight. 
I immediately e-mailed her, then she asked me to e-mail her again in January when she'll have a new collection out and she was happily going to give a piece of those to my darling readers. 
So now, 4 months after I found her work, here we are, and now it's time to give my readers and followers the chance to win this amazing piece!

vadjutka Q&A 

MFLL: What led you to start making these pretty and unique jewelries?
vadjutka: To tell the truth: I have no idea, it just came. I made jewelry in high school, but I stopped it when everyone wanted the same earring, and I had to make 20 pairs of identical earrings. After 10 years it just came back: one day – in 2002 - I was passing a bead shop, and I just went in, bought a lot of beads and tools, and (re)started making jewelry.

MFLL: Swapflowers are pretty innovative in a way. What are they exactly and how did the idea of swapflowers come up?
vadjutka: I wanted to make a necklace that is variable, and suitable for a lot of clothes. I have many clothes, and though I have MANY necklaces, but I dont always have the exact color I want for a given top for example. So I though it would be practical if I could change the color of the necklace, thus it would be good with many clothes. I had this idea in my mind for more than a year now, but it only gained form in September, 2010, when I met Ilona Acs, the designer behind Laoni Leather Design, whom I am doing the Swapflowers with.

MFLL: Who are you and what else do you do in your life?
vadjutka: Well, who am I? I would like to believe that someone who is brave enough to be honest to herself. (Not always easy.) Apart from designing jewelry, I have a part time job: I edit www.designbazar.hu, a site with focus on indie Hungarian designers. Besides, I like photography (I studied photo journalism for 3 years), hiking and cooking. And dancing of course.

MFLL: Where can one purchase your gorgeous pieces?
vadjutka: In my etsy shop, and I ship to a few boutiques in the US. Also, if you are in Budapest, you can find me at the monthly Sunday Art Market.

MFLL: What are your plans for your next collection? Will you come out with anything new?
vadjutka: I have big plans: I am going to launch a new line called Vadjutka Exclusive. This will be a service: I am going to design jewelry for specific wedding and other elegant dresses. Also, I just launched a „sub” design: I started to use magnifying glasses with some of my necklace, that adds a little magical feeling to the necklace.

There are 8 ways to enter the 
Swapflower giveaway:

1.) Follow My Fashion Lust List on Google Friend Connect!
2.) Follow vadjutka on Facebook here!
3.) Follow My Fashion Lust List via Bloglovin'!
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6.) Blog about this giveaway!
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Each step you take counts as one additional entry! 
Post a comment below including every step you took of the 8 above, your e-mail address, so I can contact you, if you win and the link for the tweet or FB post you made for this giveaway!

Blogging about this giveaway and subscribing for vadjutka's newsletter counts as +2 entries!

The giveaway starts today, on February 13th. 
The giveaway ends on Sunday, February 27th.
The winner's name will be published on Monday, the 28th.

Good luck, my dear readers! :) xo


Bottega Veneta Pre-Fall 2011 Quick Review

This year's pre-fall Bottega Venetta collection is very appealing to me - I love how it's so classy and sophisticated, still playful in a way. Dark, heavy colors with splashes of color, just as much heavy fabrics as light, soft ones and gorgeous styling
There's something sooo vintage about the whole collection...

  • vintage feel, nice colors, fantastic tailoring and great materials
  • 1960s style
  • the color splashes are beautiful

  • the colors are mostly too dark
  • some of the pieces are so simple they're almost boring

What are your points on the collection? Favorite/least favorite piece? Comment :) xo


Hippie Collage

I'm not good at arts. At all. So I don't really do anything artsy. Except this time.
I made this collage for a reason I'm not telling you yet, but I promise I will once it's a sure thing. Until then, I can't wait to read your thoughts about this collage, because after all I was the one who stood there for hours picking pictures from magazines and arranging them into the right position. I know, I'm old school, but I'm just lame at using Photoshop.

Click on the picture to see the large view!
Please, my dearest readers, comment! I need some feedback :) xo


Missoni SS2011 Quick Review

Missoni's Spring-Summer 2011 collection includes a bunch of overly colorful pieces and mismatching patterns.

  • light fabrics, 
  • bold colors and good tailoring makes it a great choice for spring and summer


  • too many tribal motives 
  • too much black (is it just me or there really is a surprisingly huge amount of black in the dresses for a summer collection?) 
  • not made for everyday wearing

What are your points on the collection? Favorite/least favorite piece? Comment :) xo

Photos via Sonny Photos


Tournures and Hooped Petticoats

Tournures and Hooped Petticoats - Fashion and Etiquette in the 19th Century is a fantastic exhibition I've just visited in my hometown, Budapest. "It presents the most beautiful and interesting pieces from the uniquely rich collection of the Hungarian Museum of Trade and Tourism."
What it actually presents: clothes and accessories from the 19th Century, the way people dressed and the way they behaved towards each other. 
It is interesting. I always loved 19th Century clothes and style and seeing them in real life and being so close to them was a fantastic experience! There were pieces in the museum we could even try on! 
Anyways, let me introduce you my little coverage from the Tournures and Hooped Petticoats exhibition!
at the entrance
The most specific elements of 19th Century clothing are tournures, bustles, crinolines, corsets, fringes, embroidery, huge hats and pagoda sleeves. Since the cleavage of the dresses were wide, women had to cover their shoulders with shawls. 
Material-wise, women's fashion prefer velvet, satin, mohair, muslin, silk, lace, organdy and batiste. They typically wore simple, matching colors, floral patterns and stripes. 

My favorite photo

"...The preferred hairstyle is heavy, thick braids built up into large buns. In contrast to the over-decorated dresses, jewelry is relatively simple: enamelled medallions on a thin velvet ribbon. On their heads they wore a scarf-like lace bonnet or a small hat worn to the side and brought forward to cover part of the forehead, with ribbons and veils."

I had to try a head-band like this on.
It's as if I had a nest on my head, isn't it?
It's a cape-like thing which looks amazing, though this isn't really a good picture - my reflection can be seen on the glass :)
"...The head is small with a bun at the nape of the neck or the top of the head with a fringe overhanging the forehead. Small, pointed bonnets or tall, veiled hats were worn. The shoulders are wide and padded, the bosom is emphasized. A tall, frilly collar most often covers the neck. The waist of these dresses is usually peaked, the skirt section folded into vertical pleats at the front and standing out rigidly at the rear, reaching down to the ankle."

"In the 1840s ladies wore soft shoes with thin soles and no heels. They liked wearing cross-ribboned shoes, which they tied to their ankles using the ribbons.
Sometime later flat-heeled, laced shoes appear.
In the 1850s and 1860s daytime shoes were made of leather, with medium high heels and reached up to the ankle or shin. Eveningwear included low cut silk slippers.
In the 1870s and 1880s shoes with English heels and patent leather shoes are worn during the day. Ball-gowns are worn with pointed shoes made of filigree, embroidered Danish leather or silk with high, wooden heels. Winter shoes have higher uppers and are more closed."

Accessories I.
Accessories II.
Accessories III.
"In the middle of the 19th Century, people still liked to use natural scents and perfumes. The favorite scents of the times were musk, patchouli and ambergris. They also enjoyed the scent of various flowers (rose, violet, lavender, carnation, jasmine, lilac, lily of the valley) as well as several herbs and spices such as vanilla and cinnamon."
The scents displayed were amazing!
Mint, vanilla, cinnamon, rose and lavender.
Beauty products
This one's funny - it's a mustache curling iron! 

I hope you enjoyed the photo report. If you're in Budapest and have an hour, visit this museum - you won't regret it! 
What do you think of the post? Do you like fashion history? Comment :) xo

Click on the picture to see a larger view!

DivatSalon fashion magazine covers
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