New Year, New Look

Happy new year, everyone! Hope you all had a fantastic night last night and didn't drink too much ;)

Now that it's a new decade, it's time for serious changes. I already mentioned some of the changes I plan to invent on My Fashion Lust List in 2011, but I forgot to write about the template design, which is pretty important, since, after all, it's a fashion blog. 
Now I changed the design for the first time this year. It's more simple and more me. More like a fashion blog. I think. 
I added a gadget bar to the left side of the blog. I could finally put on a few pictures you can see wherever you navigate on the blog.
I added pages. Pages are gonna be good, for example, when there's a giveaway on MFLL. I'm gonna make an "Ongoing Giveaway" page then, so it's gonna be easier to keep track of giveaways. Style Reads became a page as well - it's also easier to find this way.
I made a header - I know it's not so professional, but it's better than nothing, haha.
So, I hope you guys like the new design and can still easily navigate on the site! Comment ;) xo


  1. lovin' the new look :)

  2. Yayy, thanks, I'm really happy 'bout it :) xo

  3. Yeah I love the new layout & use of the Courier New font..I think I should definetly stop being lazy & fix up my own layout now that its a new year..
    Love the blog & good work on being featured in the Links A La Mode! :P


  4. I just went through my own blog renewal. I like the new look - it's more streamluined.




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