More Ways to Follow and to Get Featured

Dearest Readers of Mine,

since MFLL gets 500+ hits a day lately (a big hurray and thank you for everyone), I decided it's time for some changes. 
Now you can follow My Fashion Lust List 
as well as on the ways available earlier.
Please, if you do, re-tweet and digg the posts as well, if you like them! It'd help a lot with the traffic and stuff, you know. 

Another thing - for bloggers: I decided I'll really make "I ♥ Links" a series, but I'd like to give bloggers the opportunity to submit their links so I can have a wider horizon when it comes to rounding up the 5 most interesting blog posts. 
You find every requirements here!
Next "I ♥ Links" will be posted on Wednesday.

Okay, that's it for now, I hope you'll like the new things and if you're a blogger, you'll submit a great link, thus get traffic and help me with my blog as well. That really is it now. xo

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