I ♥ Links

Yes, really. This time I'm really doing this. It is now officially a weekly series. 

I gave all of you, my dear blogger friends, the chance to submit your best posts of the week. This way I could find blogs I didn't even know, so I couldn't have found without this new submission system. 
It was really difficult to choose the right posts, the perfect five from the 35+ submitted posts, but I think I finally made a good decision.

I ♥ Links
  • Fashion Show!
    I just adore this post - I love how it takes me backstage of a real fashion show. It is actually interesting, something I dream of seeing on a fashion blog. Oh, and congrats on the nice job, Margaret (editor of 4ngsquared2)!
  • Is Everything New?
    Delaney's take on the phrase "Is Nothing New?". Lovely pictures, nice idea for the post and all in all, I just love it. A post from Fashion Knick-Knacks.
  • What's In My Wardrobe?
    I don't know about you, guys, but I love to peek into other people's closets (and apartments, and boudoires, etc), and NRC's closet is a pleasure to peek into. I love her designer pieces and the gorgeous fabrics of her stuff.
  • Dress Your Age
    Honestly, I love this post mostly because it's a mature article. It's written by someone who's not in their twenties anymore, and that makes it credible to me. And, of course, it's interesting. Thanks to EverBeautiful!
  • Tricks of the Thrift
    This post is a gem. Really. I think thrift shopping tips are important, because a lot of people just don't do it right. I know, it's just thrift shopping, but still it's possible to do it in a wrong way. Just read this post on The Cheap Girl in a Chic World.
These're the five best posts of this week's lineup. 
Please, don't feel upset or anything, if your post didn't make it to the list this week - submit your next fantastic post for next week's "I ♥ Links"
Please, mind the "Your Post's URL" part - your post's URL is required there, not your blog's! 
If you submit your blog's URL, it's invalid, I'm really sorry. I'm saying this because this situation occurred in case of 3 or 4 submissions and it feels really bad to invalidate posts. 

Thank you for the submissions, everyone! Don't forget to participate in next week's round-up! 
Oh, and comment, of course ;) xo


  1. Good collection you have got. Even I love the links you have given. I have gone through them. They give out the right decision according to teh age and color.

  2. aww thank you so much for putting me on your list ! You make my day <3 :)

  3. Thanks for sharing those lovely links.

  4. Hi, just wanted you to know that I'm hosting a $100 Shopbop giveaway on my blog! Come check it out!

  5. WOW i am jsut seeing this and am SO HONORED!!

  6. I like your style!!! and the fact that the "label" does not make the "girl"... OR the outfit. You make deciding what your going to wear or shopping, FUN!! Rock-on! (Cheryl's Friend, te-hee)


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