Birthday Wishlist

My birthday is the 29th of January and until this very year, I've never had anything that I really wanted for my b-day. This year is different - I already asked for a pro camera (which means the possibility of outfit posts on this blog will raise) but I have a lot more I would love to get, but I surely won't.

Alexander Wang
Zoro angular acetate sunglasses

I love it, it's so cool! I've never been a huge fan on sunglasses that aren't huge to cover half of my face, but this one is so cute and unique I must have it. I won't though.

Henri Bendel by Imposter

First, I adore Henri Bendel. Second, I want that box that comes with these. Third, my ears are always cold anyway. No, really they are oh-so-chic still comfortable and warm and I want them really bad.

Henri Bendel
Cashmere blanket

Oh dear, it would look lovely on my round shaped, dark brown bed, next to my light blue walls. Okay, it's probably not so soft, but still. And Henri Bendel is a genius.

Henri Bendel
Double Duty Stack Ring
I don't think I even have to say a word. I adore rings and double rings are even better. Ths piece is simple, sophisticated and very chic. Oh, I love Henri Bendel.

Jimmy Choo
Miror crystal-embellished leather sandals
I just love this pair sooooooo much! Delicae, shiny, beautiful and Jimmy Choo. It's so unfair that in my country you can only get high-heeled Jimmy Choos. Dang.

Marc Jacobs 
Glitter-embellished leather brogues
I love these shoes. I don't know why, but I feel like it's so me. I'd die for a pair like this. And of course it's not available in my country. Yeah.

Marc by Marc Jacobs
Pouchette small leather bag
I already posted about these bags with birdy details. This one's my favorite. It's a cross-body bag which is a huge plus for me, and it's just cute.

Marc by Marc Jacobs
Studded chunky chain-link watch

I love studs and I don't have a watch. I think it's obvious at this point. I need this thing. Only I'm not sure it's really practical. Nevermind, I want it really bad.

Now that's all I want for my birthday. And the camera. Sigh.
What would you like for your birthday? Whether it's gonna be soon or months from now, I'm sure you know already ;) xo


  1. love the bag by Marc J., it's stunning!
    xoxo Sienna

  2. My birthday is 2 days before yours! Happy early birthday! Great wish list. I really like the watch and purse. You rarely see people wear watches anymore as their is your cell phone to tell you the time. I still like wearing them, they can be a great fashion statement! :)
    For my birthday I want the sketchers shape ups and maybe a gift card or two to go shopping. :)

  3. Wow, you've got some amazing pieces there! Great post xx

  4. That ring is awesome and I adore anything Marc Jacobs.

  5. Great round-up! I hope you get at least some of it, if not the pro-camera would be AWESOME. I have a canon 50 eos which I love.

    So, I am an official follower of your blog and actually have my own streetstyle blog called Trés Awesome. I am holding my very first personal style giveaway. The best 3 looks posted score some classic Chanel makeup and will be featured on my site.

    You should totally enter!!!


  6. i want the Marc watch please. Thank you ;)



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