The 7 Most Fashionable Movies Ever #7: Marie Antoinette

"Marie Antoinette, despite its sumptuous costumes, production design, and appealing cast, seems frivolous and lightweight in comparison." - Cinema Blend
I must admit I didn't pay the slightest attention to the action in the movie, when I saw it. The only thing I could concentrate on was the lifestyle shown in it. So fluffy, so angelic, so cupcake-like, so...wonderful. Every scene, every dress, every accessory is fantastic. Only I don't like Kirsten Dunst. 

Things you'll need to copy Marie Antoinette style:
  • bright pops of color 
  • bows 
  • wavy hairdo 
  • feathers 
  • decorated hats 
  • ruffled collar dresses 
  • embellished satin shoes 
  • rhinestones all around
  • a fan


  • I actually think a fan is gorgeous, but don't even thing about getting a feathered one. It'd be ridiculous.
  • Don't really wear dresses like Marie Antoinette's in maxi length. You can get similar designs nowadays, only shorter which look just as good.
  • And finally, well, obviously don't overdo it, since it's an 18th century style after all. 

Shoes to love:


Now that The 7 Most Fashionable Movies Ever series is over, if your a first time visitor or just would like to revise the list:
  1. Breakfast at Tiffany's
  2. Annie Hall
  3. Desperately Seeking Susan
  4. My Fair Lady
  5. The Royal Tenenbaums
  6. Clueless
  7. Marie Antoinette

What do you think about MFLL's fashionable movie toplist? What movies are on your list? xo


  1. love Love LOVE Marie Antoinette purely for the aesthetics! Everything about it is so pretty!

    I also love Amelie (didn't see your whole list) and Pride and Prejudice for the colors and artistic looks. :)


    Ms. Style Bones

  2. great series of post! I personally love some of those films for their aesthetic quality, and amazing costumes.

    I would also add the new Pride & Prejudice. The scene where Kiera Knightley as Elizabeth Bennet goes to the ball with little pearls in her hair and an elegant maxi frock- easily attainable evening look for modern women.

    I also like Factory Girl with Sienna Miller. She plays Edie Sedgewick- her pixie like 60's style is just so effortless and chic.


  3. I watched this movie so many many times :)
    love costumes and set

  4. Great posts all of these!! Personally, I would've placed "Marie Antoinette" higher on the list (it's one of my most beloved films EVER), but we all have our tastes right?
    Not sure if this is correct, but here's my top 7 'most stylish' film list:
    #1 Great expectations (Alfonso Cuarón's version)
    #2 Velvet Goldmine
    #3 Marie Antoinette
    #4 An education
    #5 The Virgin Suicides
    #6 American Psycho
    #7 Moulin Rouge

    XX B. ;)


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