The 7 Most Fashionable Movies Ever #6: Clueless

"Clueless is the cinematic equivalent of cotton candy: certainly not unpleasant, but not especially satisfying despite the sweet taste." - James Berardinelli

Read the review quote above and you'll pretty much know everything about the movie. It's not a good movie, actually. Probably that's why Clueless only made it to the 6th place on my list, because style-wise it's pretty exciting. I mean, really. In a way, the style in the movie is embarrassing. In another way, it's fabulous. It's preppy. It's Barbie-ish. Anyway, everyone can decide whether they like it or not, but every piece could surely cope in today's crazily fashioned world.

Things you'll need to copy the Clueless style:
  • bright matchy-matchy separates 
  • miniskirts 
  • knee-high socks 
  • plaids 
  • chunky platforms 
  • tank dresses 
  • hairbands

  • Matchy-matchy outfits were hot once, but not anymore, sadly. Don't overdo it. Try to keep it subtle.
  • Mini skirts with knee-high socks look very, very good on thin legs, but it can make normal thighs look like an elephant's legs, so be aware of that.


  1. I think I saw this movie a whole ago:) Kisses and wish you a great Friday

  2. This movie will always be fun to watch!

  3. I loooooooooooooove this post. Clueless was my favorite movie EVER when it came out. (For my 13th birthday, all my friends came over to watch it!)


  4. I was absolutely obsessed with this movie when I was ten years old. I'm actually certain that I liked watching it for the clothes more than anything - especially's Cher's "state of the art" closet! You know, I would still like the closet she had actually.


  5. heathers? hello?


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