The 7 Most Fashionable Movies Ever #4: My Fair Lady

"It's impossible to discuss My Fair Lady without mentioning the film's unique and unmistakable look. From the sumptuous costumes to the gorgeous set designs, this is a movie into which a world of care and effort was invested." - Reelviews.net
The most sophisticated romantic comedy ever, although not at all like those made these days. No kissing, no nudity, no sex, no actual declaration of love at all, still I believe it's one of the best movies ever (maybe it's because of Audrey Hepburn) and the style if it is impeccable. Only a bit extraordinary. 

Things you'll need to copy the My Fair Lady style:

  • large diamonds 
  • fur stole 
  • monochrome stuff 
  • high collared fitted dress 
  • huge statement hat
  • peacoat 
  • frills

  • Don't overdo it with too much frills or too large hats - it was acceptable those days, but nowadays it'd be too much!
  • Never go slutty. My Fair Lady's Eliza is a really unwashed and the least ladylike girl in the beginning of the movie, still not at all slutty even then. And at the end, she's an immaculate and flawless lady, who'd never get caught wearing something inappropriate. Though high collared, fitted, frilled dresses are only acceptable with extra short length these days. But they're okay. 

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