The 7 Most Fashionable Movies Ever #2: Annie Hall

"The lesson of Annie Hall can be reduced to "You have to like yourself in order to let other people like you."" - Triviana Reviews

The short story of this movie is basically that the neurotic comedian, Alvy (Woody Allen) falls for the equally neurotic Annie Hall in the 70s, and this film shows their romantic adventures. That's pretty much it. Great movie though, and Diane Keaton, whom I'm not really a huge fan of, looks her absolutely very best and most stylish in it. She was the precursor of boyfriend style in this movie.
You can actually dress like Annie if you go to a Zara or a Mango, and get a pair of Steve Madden shoes, like my pair of Steve Madden Tuxxedo Oxfords which I adore. Or just put your boyfriend's or brother's clothes on.

Things you'll need to copy the Annie Hall style:
  • Don't overdo it by wearing too many masculine pieces! You can wear wedgies or platforms in nude colors if your pants are baggy. For cigarette pants, wear oxfords like above or brogues.
  • Annie's clothes almost always highlights her waist. Highlight yours to keep it feminine enough!
  • You don't necessarily need to wear pants as high waisted as on the second picture above - it may be too old-fashioned.

Annie Hall inspired looks:


  1. I LOVE the new look darlin'! I love Woody Allen. Us Jew stick together. hahahaha.


    xox M

  2. Great concept for a post:)


  3. i've never seen this movie before but i definitely wanna watch it now! i love the annie hall look - especially the wide leg trousers, tres chic!



  4. i am in love with pretty much everything on this blog. keep up the good work and i'll be keeping you in the topstylejournal!

    happy new year! fan me up haha!


  5. Like like like

    Look this!I think you'll love it!




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