The 5 Commandments of Fashion

For this post I asked four of my very favorite blogger friends to help me make a list of the five main commandments of fashion that apply to everyone and anyone - all of us are from different environments, different weather conditions, we're all different ages, but we have two things in common: the love of fashion and the attempt to help other fashion lovers.

"Living in the Northeast, where the temps and weather conditions don't necessarily cooperate with my fashionable day to day looks, has made me realize that it is soooo very important to invest in the most stylish and the best you can afford cold weather coats, boots, and accessories. I love my chocolate brown BCBGMAXAZRIA double breasted military coat that I got at Bloomingdales 2 years ago. I actually kind of look forward to the cold weather to be able to wear it! Of course my Ugg bootsare the warmest things ever, and I own several different scarves and hats to change up my look every now and then."
Laura Michaud, editor of Laura's Style, 36 years old, living in Maine

"Here, in Singapore, it's tropical all year round and transportation is mainly either by train or by buses in this small country. We mostly walk every where and anyway, the nearest shopping area from my place is probably a 10 minute walk only. So girls here mostly wear slippers with anything and to me, I don't wear them unless I need to go down to buy a drink or something. So I think slippers ruin anything and everything. It ruin your dress, your pretty outfit. I think what everyone should understand is that slippers are just for lazy people, if you wanna dress up, go for it fully. On that note, Sandals are great choices. "
Sabrina C, editor of With Love Sabrina, 16 years old, living in Singapore

"You should never be a slave to trends, find what suits you and work with it. I see clothes as a further way to express my personality. You should also invest in a timeless piece and then work your wardrobe around it. By investment pieces I mean coats, shoes or bags anything else will look dated after a while. Because I live in England and the weather is atrocious I've learnt to always check the weather the night before an event so I'm well prepared."
NRC, editor of The Musings of NRC
18 years old, living in Northampton

"“Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you.” The famous quote by Dr. Seuss I try to live my life by.  When it comes to my style, I will never apologize for what I wear, and nor should you.  Wear what you’re most comfortable in, wear what you think is most you, and never, ever apologize for it.
Marcus Estvanko, editor of Fashion's Religion, 18 years old, living in Las Vegas

"I'm living in a small and obscure European country's capital. This is probably the only city in the country where fashion and style even exists at all, but sadly everyone looks exactly the same. So one thing I've learned being a teenager here is that you should never be one of a million and should never be afraid of what people say if you're a bit different
Fashion is the art of expressing your personality, not the art if being similar."
Bianca, editor of 
My Fashion Lust List, 
16 years old, living in Budapest

What would your commandment be? 
Leave it in a comment, and I'll post all of your commandments next week! 
Let's write the entire list of The Commandments of Fashion together, just us, fashion lovers! xo


  1. Love this, what a great idea and I totally agree with everyone elses 'commandments'

  2. thank you so so so much! this is just awesome! :D

    With Love,

  3. Thank you for the opportunity Bianka. <3


    xo M

  4. Great post! I completely agree that winter coats deserve to be well-made and stylish, in winter I totally live in my coat!
    Agree with everyone's commandments :)



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