Top 5 Fashion Moments of 2010

This year's almost over, so it's time for a little overview of what happened in 2010. 
MFLL put together a list of the five best and most significant, inspirational, monumental fashion moments of 2010. 

You might have noticed that those above are mostly about how curvy ladies got a bit more equal in terms of fashion during 2010, which I believe is a great step for the industry. 

image via Models.com

The V Magazine's Size Issue is the best that could've happened to fashion world. Seriously. While most of the people say they think "every body's beautiful", etc., designers and fashion lovers still adore anorexic or just really skinny models. Now that things like the Size Issue happen, I hope and believe the world will move away from a dangerously thin ideal to a healthy and realistic body image - Chrystal Renn's appearance on the runway of Chanel and Saks' new line are also steps towards this. 

image via Models.com

Well, Venus Williams' and Lady Gaga's outfits are significant, because they're scandalous (not in a bad way though) and brave - also, Venus was really hot wearing that lingerie-ish thing. And Gaga...she's just crazy, but that made her who she is today. Anyways, I chose the two outfits that are the most extraordinary. 

What do you think were the top fashion moments of 2010? Comment! xo

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