rouge à lèvres.

no doubt i have the best boyfriend ever. seriously.
you know there's this lipstick, Pink Friday by Nicki Minaj at MAC you can only get 4 times, four fridays - the alst friday will be the 17th of december.
now my boyfriend just came over to my place today, and gave me the most amazing pre-christmas gift EVER! 

i've been lusting after this lipstick ever since i found out they gonna sell it, and here it is, right on my makeup table. it's pink, it's nicki minaj, it's MAC, it's a lipstick - what else can i say? it's just perfect.
anyways, i just adore my boyfriend. i'm gonna post pictures of me wearing this lipstick tomorrow or monday or whenever.
what do you think? :)

p.s.: sorry for not posting for so long, but i was sick, and then really busy for a week, but now i'm sick again, though not too sick to post, so here we go :) have a lot to post about ;) xo

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