rooms to die for.

now that i'm sick, i have a lotta time to go trough pages like tasteless flowers and i find dozens of amazing pictures. 
here i will share my favorite pictures of beautiful interiors with you.

aren't they gorgeous? i'm really considering painting my walls pink and make everything as classic and sparkly and glittery as possible. anyways, comment, guys :) xo


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  2. Oh, I would love to have my house decorated like this! Though first I need to have a house, and second my boyfriend would be ok with the "girly" touch...LOL

  3. The first 5 pics remind me of Versailles and those big old flats you can find in Paris!!!
    I love it !!!
    The first bedroom is really pretty, not sure that kind of bed is comfortable though!!!
    And I'd love to have my house decorated like this for Christmas!



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