recent designer obsession of mine - Naeem Khan

Naeem Khan (born May 21, 1958 in Mumbai, India) is an Indian-born, American fashion designer. He is the designer and CEO for Naeem Khan, which was launched in 2003. His designs have been worn by celebrities including Beyonce Knowles,Carrie Underwood, Eva Longoria Parker and Brooke Shields, and by First Lady Michelle Obama.

this designer caught me for some reason i can hardly explain. india is everywhere in his designs, i believe. 
i scammed through all his collections and i really do love everything he does. shiny fabrics, sequined pieces, flower-ish patterns...so gorgeous!
as a kind of time traveling, let's see his 2007 NYFW runway collection.

2007 NYFW

i love how the looks are simple, still special and how everything is so sparkly.
now take a look at his 2011 collections:

S/S 2011 RTW

pre-fall 2011

so yeah, i love this guy's work. 
what do you think? which collection or piece of his do you like the most? COMMENT, my darling readers :) i love you all. xo

Naeem Khan himself


  1. Hi girly!! Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope your holiday week is going well!!
    I am loving this designer! Dang!!!! These pieces are all so gorgeous, I am so excited for this post!
    Have a great day doll!!!


  2. Love this post! His designs are soo beautiful! Wish I had some pieces in my closet!



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