photo diary of a walk home from Starbucks.

i went crazy for a few minutes and pretty much stole my guy's iPhone and umm took a photo of everything - mostly him, like 60 times. i took 91 photos all together during the 5 minute walk, and i decided to show you the best pictures since they show a beautiful side of my home city, Budapest (Google it, whatever). 

the house my love lives in

the little grocery we go to every day

lovely, christmasy, isn't it? what is your city like? :) xo


  1. gorgeous pics! oh i wish we had starbucks here!
    xoxo Sienna

  2. Your city looks beautiful these days :)

  3. Awwww I love them all!!! THank you so much for sharing!
    I wish I could see it in person!!
    My city is actually not all that pretty, mostly highways and concrete!
    And its flat bc we are in Texas!


  4. haha i'm glad you guys like it :) my boyfriend gone bonkers after like a minute, i think i annoyed him a bit by stopping at almost every building and lamp. :D xo


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