Oxford Industries bought Lilly Pulitzer for $60 million

...so I decided to dedicate a post for the Lilly Pulitzer style. Excuse me for the many beds - I'm a fan of those.

I have a special love for Lilly Pulitzer, because her designs were those who opened my eyes about the greatness of pink and lime green together. 
I adore this combination ever since then. Not that I wear it, I just love it. I think i've never been and never will be brave enought to be such a prep. People might throw eggs at me on the street for that (in my country, trust me, that would happen). 

How do you feel about Lilly Pulitzer? Some people (Cintra Wilson, for instance...) say “What kind of men buy these jackets? Mobsters? Gay guys? Gay mobsters? Game-show hosts?”.


  1. Love your post, especially all the photos, they are loads of fun!

    Sending you a smile,


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