my makeup table.

okay so we moved back to our renewed apartment with my mom a week or so ago. it took pretty long to unpack everything, but the most difficult part of everything definitely was (and is) to find a way to organize my makeup stuff.

so as you see i just basically threw everything onto the table, but i really haven't the foggiest idea about how to organize them.
how do you guys manage to keep your makeup in order? and of course i'd love the things i put my stuff into to look okay-ish. you know, like...you know. 
kay sooo help me out with this one, pleaseee :) xo


  1. I find it organized compared to mine!!!lol
    Mine is a total mess, I really should stop buying cosmetics... but I can't!!!
    I have some pretty little Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe boxes I found in London, so I keep the nail polishs in it, and the eye shadows in a another one...
    Well here a totally not helpful comment, but I am not the best one to give advices on that topic!!!

    1. YOu shouldn't stop buying d cosmetics just because it gets messed.try to follow some links related and try the same;you will definately get he solution

  2. hey, i love the audrey and marilyn boxes idea! i have a bunch of marilyn and audrey posters on my wall. so it actually helped :) thanks olivia :)

  3. Cute table! You have a bigger vanity then I do! To organize I put them in little Tupperware Drawer containers - you can find them at Wal-Mart. They are relatively cheap and can store quite a bit.

  4. umm i'm 'fraid that i can't get anything from wal-mart since we have no wal-mart in hungary :D thank you though :) xo

  5. Thats a hard one lol I can store mine in a chest lol


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