i heart gingerbread.

yeyy i decorated about two dozens of gingerbread and ate half of the disgusting sugary decorating thing, and the results are:

pretty, aren't they? :D 
do you ever decorate gingerbread? :) pictures? :) comment, people :D xo


  1. i love the moons. so cute

  2. Hi dear,

    this is Vera - you just sent me a board message on IFB! Unfortunately I can't log into my account yet because it's not been authorized by the mods :/ It's weird cos other people can post messages to me and request to be my friend and stuff but yet I can't log into my account!

    Anyway, my blog is already up, you can see it here - http://naked-glory.blogspot.com

    And thanks again for your message! So sweet (:

  3. Hi girl,,
    These things look delicious!
    And thank you for your lovely comment.
    Pleaee follow me if you like!


  4. @emily - thanks for the lovely comment :)

    @Vera - don't worry, dear, it was the same with me, they're gonna let you log in in a few hours :)

    @Meda - i'm following your blog, it's amazing :) xo


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