Fashion Related Health Problems

Of course you expect me to write about eating disorders here, but sadly they're not the only price we might pay for being a fashion addict.
I read dozen of articles about the topic and tried to sum it up as much as I could. It actually made me think about the whole thing a bit, although I can clearly see that the possibility of the majority of the threats listed is approximately zero percent.

1.) Handbags
Now that it's stylish to wear oversized, huge totes, women can easily carry more than 10 pounds on a daily basis. A bag too heavy can damage one's muscles, nerves and can lead to back and neck pains or even curve one's spine. 
I understand that a woman needs what a woman needs, but it is scary to hear that it's not only uncomfortable, but it's dangerous. Does it worth it? I don't really think so.
The other problem that a messy handbag might lead to is the spreading of bacteria. For example, your wallet full of your money surely is nasty since you grab it a few times with really dirty hands, than put it back next to your sandwich for instance, or it can even touch your make-up tools, brushes or anything, so you get the bacterias all over your face and get blemishes. One must keep their make-up in a separated pouch and clean up and organize their handbag often. 

2.) High Heels
We all know it's not very healthy. It can lead to orthopedic problems, can cause bunion and corns, can hurt your ankle, knees and joints. The ideal height of a heel would be 2-3 centimeters, which means about 0.7-1.2 inches, and one should be able to move their toes comfortably in a shoe, that's what proves it healthy. The fact is, nobody wants to wear ugly shoes, right? And a 1 inch heel is disgusting most of the time, so as too-wide toe part. 
Of course wearing heels every once in a while is not a problem, but wearing it for 8-12 hours a day is. I don't see the solution here, since a few workplaces require their workers to wear high heels. Anyways, it's not healthy, but it will still be worn be people. They might just be a little more problematic when they get older.

3.) Bra
Wearing the wrong bra size can cause shoulder-, back- and lung problems, can lead to headache, arm and chest pains. The moral it: you should get yourself properly fitted each time you buy a bra. I know, it's too much complication, but it's not for nothing. I personally hate buying bras even without the measuring procedure, but I thing I'd rather spend some more time on this then at the doctor's later.

4.) Make-up
Old makeup is really bad for you. I mean, seriously, it is. A British research reveals that a quarter of women are risking their eyes' health by using bacteria-infected eye make-up that's over 4 years old (seriously!?). Mascara can also only be used for 6 months, it's really dangerous to use it after that - still 92% of women admittedly keep their mascara for even two years. 
Sharing eye make-up van cause bacterial eye infections, such as conjunctivitis. 

I could also write about eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa, EDNOS or bulimia nervosa here, but I don't think it's necessary, plus I'd be hypocrite then, since even I had and have problems with various forms of eating disorders. Anyways, you guys probably all know about the risks and facts of eating disorders. 

What do you think? Do you ever do anything that could cause you health problems based on the listed things above? Comment :) xo


  1. Great post! High heels can be dangerous though if your sitting at your desk all day and wearing heels you should be fine. Also I heard wearing flats can be just as much of a problem. It can put a strain on your feet- it's always good to have a little wedge on your flats.

  2. People don`t get eating-disorders from fashion. They get it from emotional or family problems!

  3. You're definitely right, although it's for sure that fashion and the image it shows leads to eating disorders pretty often in the circle of teenage girls these days.

  4. i think it's great that you wrote this post. everyone talks about eating disorders but no one ever mentions the other things women do to suffer for fashion. the makeup and bra ones especially apply to me. my boobs are huge and finding a good bra is tough so i tend to get lazy and buy whatever i can fit into. and dnt even get me started on the makeup. i have some mascara i should go throw out now...

  5. I'm glad you like the post. The reason I wrote it was that really everyone thinks it's only the EDs that can be caused (partially) by fashion indeed. So I thought it might be an eye-opener. :) xo

  6. Great topics to point out. I know I've probably done damage by wearing heels that are too high, but I've always put the issue off because I like how the shoe looks. it sounds so simple (but hard to do), like wearing modest heels and not sharing makeup, but it definitely adds up as you get older.

  7. My bag is SO heavy, I feel like I don't have to go to the gym that often because it's serious exercise to carry it around. I need to figure out a way to lighten my load! Thanks for the informative post!

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  8. Great things to point out. Especially the make-up! People don't realize how much bacteria can build up in your products!


  9. Great posts1 you pointed out so many things that happen to everyone but no one actually realizes it..but you explained it with a great candor :)

  10. yes you have just reveled the ugly truth of fashion industry

    pictures were well chosen , don't try to look perfect for somebody else doing all kind of make up you leading to health issue in future

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