christmas gifts for everyone from Etsy.

you can find something personal, suitable and beautiful for everyone on your list on Etsy. have you ever tried it? it's about time.

for your mom

1. I love Cupcakes embroidered tea towel

okay, seriously, how cute is this!? this little cupcake picture would definitely make your mom want to bake, well, cupcakes a lot more often. it's a really pretty kitchen accessory, IMO.
get it here.

2. Chloe necklace in Yellow and Antique Brass

this necklace is fantastic! i love how it's so simple, still very elegant and stylish - just like my mom, for instance. i'd definitely get this one for my mommy, if she'd be the necklace wearing type, which she is not.
get this here.

3. Fox on a Bike trivet

this one fits really kitchen-y moms. i mean, if your mother loves to cook and serve dinner to her beloved family, this is something that would definitely make the meal taste better. okay, not literally, it just sounds good.
get it here.

for your dad

1. Art Glass Bottle Stopper

i'm not saying everyone's dad is necessarily the drinker type, my dad definitely is though. this wine stopper is so beautiful i can't imagine anybody not being really happy about getting this for christmas. 
get it here.

2. Four Vintage Books

 okay these books are basically not sold for being read but for being a stylish little yellow-grey spot on the bookshelf, but hey - don't you wanna see your dad having urban style, fashionable books on his shelves? i know you do. i would love it, actually.
get them here.

for you little sister

1. pink earflap hat with flower

this hat is sooooooo cute! oh my, if only my sister would be old enough to wear one...
get it here.

2. yellow felt peony headband

i loce headbands on little girls, and this one is really really really pretty. it goes great with light and dark hair as well. 
get it here.

for your little brother

1. Cap'n Crunch Cereal Notebook

little boys like cereal, don't they? now here's a notebook they can use in school, or wherever and it's like a box of cereal. i think it'd be a really great gift for a brother.
get it here.

2. Batman Comic Sketch Book

comic books are cool. i mean, if i were a little guy, i'd love them. and i'd wanna draw them in a sketchbook.
get it here

for your girlfriends
(suitable for big sisters as well)

1. set of for bobby pins - Yellow Daffodils

these pins are beautiful. they are feminine, pretty and even stylish. my friends would love it, i'm sure. except for the tomboys, of course.
get them here.

2. mini bow shoe clips - mustard yellow

honestly i've never heard of shoe clips but it's a great idea. i mean, all of us have boring old shoes that we'd love to upgrade, because they're still comfy. 
get them here.

3. LOVE laptop decal

i always wanted something like this. it's cool. also, it shows love...obviously.
get it here.

4. Heartbreak for Beginners by LauraTerryDesigns

"Going through the drama and pitfalls of teenage life is never easy, especially if have trouble telling the difference between reality and a great fantasy life." 
it doesn't make sense, it's just funny.
get it here.

for your boyfriend
(suitable for big brothers and guy mates as well)

1. clock made from a computer hard drive

it's so geeky boys must love it. i mean, it's fun to have a clock made of computer next to your computer. IMO.
get it here.

2. iPhone/iPod docking station by woodtec

it's fun. and useful. 
get it here.

3. MacBook decal - the worm

this one is cute and funny, i think this one couldn't be a miss. i'd love to get one too.
get it here.

i hope i helped a bit in the christmas gift buying procedure. if you have any better ideas on gifting, don't hesitate to post them in a comment, since i believe we all have a hard time buying presents even after reading all those gift guides out there. 
so comment, everyone :) xo


  1. oh my goodness...the worm decal is so clever and cute!

  2. Thanks for sharing, I will bookmark and be back again

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