My Recent Favorite Blogger - vincentko.

i've planned to start a new series, My Recent Favorite Blogger months ago, but everyone who i contacted, forgot to answer, or probably rather ignored me.
anyways, i finally found a great blogger, editing a great blog, who actually answered my questions and was happy to help me. let's meet Vincent Ko, the editor of, well, Vincent Ko blog. 

Q: Who are you into the real life? (age, location, likes, dislikes, hobbies, job, studies, etc.)

Name: Vincent Ko
Age: 21
Location: Toronto, ON
Job: Part-Time / Full-Time Student
Studies: BAS - Management
Likes: Pizza, shopping, vintage shopping, hanging out, meeting new people, and snacking.
Dislikes: Rain, country music
Hobbies: Tennis, Swimming, Bowling, taking pictures, watching movies and listening to music.
Q: What led you to start blogging?
When I first came upon Lookbook. I saw so many people with great styles and I've always loved fashion and I asked myself, "Why not blog about it?". Also, I get to hear people's comments and feedbacks about my blog and the posts that I posted. That way, I can continue to grow as a fashion blogger.
Q: What are the biggest pros and cons of blogging for you?
The biggest pros for me are growing as a fashion blogger, meeting new people, and discovered new things. The con for me is that I have to think what I'm about to write and come up with interesting words. Also, I need to make my blog interesting so that it will attract more people and that way my blog will be more well known.
Q: In real life, how would you describe yourself in terms of fashion? (style, favorite looks, favorite pieces of clothing, favorite designs, etc.)
Hmmm.... My style would have to be bohemian meets indie meets rocker. I wear plenty of plaids, stripes, leather and solid white and black. Right now, I'm really into denim jacket and overcoat because they keep you looking good and warm during fall and winter. Denim makes everything pop... you just need to wear a shirt or plaid shirt and you're good to go. Whereas overcoat, it gives the illusion that you're taller because it elongates your body. The one thing that I can't go out without is my collection of vintage bag. I always have to carry my bag otherwise I would feel like something is missing in my life.
Q: Finally, how would you describe your blog in a few words?
My blog is a mixed between fashion and photography. I normally post lookbooks from the designers, outfit that I wear and my photography. I guess you could also say that my blog will help inspire some people in their every day life. My blog will help men to be more interested in fashion and lifestyle.

thank you, Vincent, for the help, and for answering me immediately. you're the best. 
and all of you, my readers, visit Vincent's fantastic blog - click here.
what do you think about the series, guys? would you like to read about other bloggers' work and life, etcetera? because i already have other interviews ready for you ;) xo 

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