My Recent Favorite Blogger - NRC.

meet Ngoni Chikwenengere, aka NRC, editor of The Musings of NRC. first of all, she's beautiful. second, she is an amazing person - this part of her introduction caught me a lot and describes why i think she's fantastic: "I’m not your typical teenage girl - i'm a vegan (Ben and Jerry's doesn't count right?) , hard core rocker, partime sunday school teacher and full time recessionista.Forget Drink,Drugs and late nights on the town pass me the muffin basket and A Ysl Tribute bag."

Q: Who are you into the real life? (age, location, likes, dislikes, hobbies, job, studies, etc.)
Hi I'm know as Ngoni Rutendo Chikwenengere or NRC, I am18 on the 24 of November(yaay) I live in England in a place called Northampton.  
I love food, clothes and like minded creative people. I'm a student studying Film,Drama,Textiles and English Literature and Language

Q: What led you to start blogging?
I just wanted a place that I could interact with people like me and I'd been reading blogs for a while and I though I can do that.

Q: What are the biggest pros and cons of blogging for you?
Pros are my followers and comments from people even if they don't agree. Also there is a great sense of community.
Cons there are none.

Q: In real life, how would you describe yourself in terms of fashion? (style, favorite looks, favorite pieces of clothing, favorite designs, etc.)
I'm always wearing black, I like a bit of everything to be honest, well everything Autumn/Winter.

Q: Finally, how would you describe your blog in a few words?
A fun and truthful out look on Fashion, Life and whatever else.

i'm really proud that i could introduce you this fantastic blogger. visit her blog, and read THIS particular post, it's great, just like every other segments of her blog.
any thoughts? comment :) xo


  1. Love her big floppy hat!

    Want one so bad. :)

    Awesome post, she's awesome thanks for sharing.


  2. Thanks for the interview and your lovely write up!! You are now on the must read list on my blog.
    I really appreciate this thank you again.
    @ Liz you can buy the hat in H&M or TKMaxx


  3. just love her :-)

  4. VERY nice interview! You asked some great questions :)

    That GOOD GOOD Blog


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