My Recent Favorite Blogger - mcQueenBeep.

today's blogger profile is not about one blogger, but two blogger ladies, who edit mcQueenBeep, this amazing, interesting and colorful blog about everything fashion. 
let's meet Carolina and Marilyn, they're not only nice and pretty girls, but they are pretty good bloggers as well, and have an impeccable taste in fashion - based on what i've seen on their blog, at least.

Carolina of mcQueenBeep

Who are you into the real life? 

Carolina, Age 20.  Marketing and Fashion Design Student, residing in the Dominican Republic.
I enjoy designing, listening to music, watching movies (specially classics) and my fashion design classes.  

Marilyn, Age 20, Dominican Republic.  I like to read, watch movies and of course think about things I can create (fashion wise).

What led you to start blogging?

Carolina:  Our love for fashion and pop culture in general.   We wanted our own private retreat in which we could express our thoughts, our likes and our experiences in our fashion design career.   We want to connect with people from all over the world who enjoy what we love and would like to read what we have to offer. 

Marilyn of myQueenBeep

What are the biggest pros and cons of blogging for you?

Pros:  It's fun. I enjoy writing, the picture editing and the information search.  It’s a process I really enjoy.
Cons:  No cons yet!


Pros: It's fun to write about stuff that we like, so it’s just liberating to write something that we love.  
Let it be fashion, pop culture, weird things or random facts.
Cons: I am lazy to translate or to rewrite the article in spanish. Not difficult, but just lazy.

In real life, how would you describe yourself in terms of fashion? 

Carolina: I'm into the Rock Glamour yet girly look: Band T-shirts, jeans, cool handbags, etc.  It all depends on my mood and event I’m assisting.  Random fact: My name is Carolina and I have an unhealthy obsession with Earrings.  I had to get that off my chest. Hahaha. 

Marilyn:  Simple with an artsy touch. Depends on my mood and the weather.  Then I’ll look for something and create a style that goes according to it.  Weather is an important factor that a lot of people overlook. 

Finally, how would you describe your blog in a few words?

Carolina:  mcQueenBeep is a creative outlet for two best friends to express themselves.    It’s a place to know or even learn about:  Pop Culture, Fashion, Design and Music in a fun non judgmental form. 

as a kind of closure, let me recommend you THIS post on mcQueenBeep - i never heard of this designer before, but he definitely worths to be mentioned on such a fantastic fashion blog. 

thank you, Carolina and Marilyn :) xo


            1. How exciting! thank you darling for being so lovely :*


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