my christmas wish list.

there are still 40 days 'till Christmas, but it's always on my mind. like, i'm surfing on ebay all the time, looking for the perfect presents, mostly for my boyfriend, but of course i'm browsing gifts for my dad, who has everything and got pretty useless stuff from me in the last 4 years, for my mom, who actually doesn't need anything but a calendar for next year every Christmas, but unfortunately i just gave it to her as a pre-birthday gift on saturday (her birthday is the 30th of November, and i'm the kinda person, who buys the gift and can't take not giving them to the person who bought them for immediately...so i did.), for my grandparents, who are happy enough to see me once in a while, but i just can't go there, eat the Christmas meal and not giving them anything, for my friends (oh, dear Lord, i didn't even think about them yet...) and for many, many relatives, whom i have no idea what to get for.
considering all these above, i decided to help my family with gifting me. making wish lists had always been something that just never worked out, 'cause when you're sitting down to write one, nothing comes to your mind. ever. now this year, i have stuff on my mind.

1.) a spin bike

see, i never ever have the time to go to the gym. ever. so this year, i desperately want an indoor bike thing. everything about them is positive - you can read, watch TV, study, or do anything while riding them, you don't have to go anywhere, since it's in your room, you don't need to get dressed to go outside of the apartment just to get to the gym...anyways, i want one. and rumor has it, my parents already bought me one. haha.

2.) a sequined hat

i posted about this particular hat earlier. well, the thing is that i really adore sequined stuff, and this is one that i just couldn't take my mind off of. i'm pretty sure there's no way i could get it in my country, but a girl can dream...

3.) a blue silk linen for my new bed

i believe i told you about that we're renewing our apartment with my mom. now, this linen would be just perfect on my renewed room's new bed. it's gonna be a round shaped bed (well, i hope so, at least) and since two walls will be blue in the room, i want blue linen. yeah. also, i have these dreams about lying in the bed, windows open, curtains flying around, sun rising into my room, and then my boyfriend walks in with a huge plate with my breakfast on it...yeah, well, that's another thing that's never gonna happen.

4.) a 3-part makeup mirror

i've been chasing a mirror like this for months now, but the only place i could get it from in the right size, is a makeup tool store, and it costs $350 there...now that's not the price i had in mind, thanks.

5.) a trip to NYC

whenever a see a picture of Manhattan, especially the Times Square lately, i get this bad, bad feeling. as i told you, i was in the States with my boyfriend in August, and ever since that, i desperately wanna go back. i miss everything about it, New York, especially, and i can't wait 'till next summer, when me and my bf will probably spend 6 weeks there, going to pre-college at NYU. fingers crossed, but 'till then, someone could really surprise me with two flight tickets to NYC.

6.) a romantic night

if you're my boyfriend, and reading this, please, stop reading now. not because it's a secret, but because i don't want you to think it's a kinda hint or something, 'cause it's not...entirelly. 
so here it is: a romantic dinner that wasn't made by me, it was rather a surprise, candlelight/fireplace light, a romantic walk wherever, going ice-skating, holding hands in the moonlight, watching the stars together, eating fried chestnuts, drinking gluh wine...okay, that's enough. anyways, you know, what i mean.

that's pretty much all i want for Christmas. as for gifting others, i still have problems, but i can handle them, and eventually everyone will get another useless something, which is cute and stuff, but on the inside i swear i'll get something amazing for everyone next year. or not.

what do you want for Christmas, what's on your wish lists? and those of you out there in a relationship, what do you get for your partner? comment ;) xo


  1. I need to start putting my Christmas list together. There are a million things I want. Like a rose gold Nixon watch, my handsome by is getting me that one. But like you I would love a trip to NYC, I suppose I could settle for that :)

  2. Hunny, you have the greatest taste! I want pretty much everything you want! hahaha NYC would be amazing. <3

    xox Marcus!

  3. There is so many things I want! I probably will be asking for gift cards to stores- because I still need more winter clothing... It would be nice to have some more shoes too since I need more shoes too! hehe
    My boyfriend is very techy so I like to get him a video game...or a gift card to amazon MP3 store or something like that. And of course cook him a yummy Christmas dinner (we live together). :)

  4. aw your list is awesome, i agreed with pretty much everything on the list lol including the exercise equipment and NYC




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