bring up a fashion fan.

first thing first, SORRY for not posting in the last too many days, it's jsut that my fall break begun and i was too busy meeting people and doing stuff. i'll be trying to get back on track :)

earlier when i was still in France, i found this cute little book i first thought was just a coloring book for children in a souvenir store. it's titled "J'habille mes amies LA MODE รก travers les ages", which means something like "I dress my friends in the fashion of ages", at least as far as i understand it :)

this book is fab! seriously. there are stickers in it, and you can dress naked models up.
the book covers all of the significant fashion eras, from the ancient Egypt all the way to present days.

these, above, are the models you can dress...

...and these're the stickers. you can also design your own stickers, as you can see, there are blank ones on the last picture. 
if i will ever have a baby, i will definitely raise them to LOVE fashion. i'd teach them to draw clothes, i'd buy them fashion-themed books, toys, and everything that's connected to fashion anyway. and this book...i will keep it for my future child. seriously. they're going to be forced to learn french just because i'd want them to study this very book. it's important, both artistically, both historically. at least as i believe.
what do you think? comment :) xo


  1. they have these books in english as well, i got this same one for my little god-daughter.

    there's others they do as well, a fairy one, a princess one, a casual one... they're wonderful ◕‿◕ ★

  2. OMG! I want to get this for my niece! She would love it! :) I know when I have children (if they are girls) they will be very fashionable - hehe :)
    Do you know where you can buy similar sticker books in the US?

  3. well, this one: http://search.barnesandnoble.com/Glimmer-Shimmer-and-Shine/Mary-Man-Kong/e/9780375860324 is probably somewhat similar, though it's Barbie... :D but u can surely find one like mine in Barnes and Noble :)


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