boyfriend style.

i don't know about you, but my boyfriend has only one piece of clothing that looks good on me, and it's a grey cardigan. every other stuff look weird - his jackets look ridiculous, 'cause the shoulder pads make my shoulder look 3 meters wide, and it's all just funny, his jeans wouldn't stay up on me ever, not even with 3 belts, and his shirts...i don't know, they are just not long enough.
oh, i almost forgot, i can wear my boyfriend's tank tops too. i love them, but unfortunately he doesn't have enough of them, so i always have to give them back, and finally i stand here with no tank tops left. 
anyways, the conclusion is that either i have to get a new boyfriend (which is not gonna happen, ever) or i have to lose weight, which is probably the way to go. it does make sense, actually, 'cause let's look at celebrities, all the skinny girls can wear their boyfriends' stuff and look fantastic in them, but just imagine Queen Latifah wearing a boyfriend shirt...well, not the same.
as for boyfriend style, i'm not a huge fan of girls wearing their BFs' jeans, but celebrities seem to like it. girls wearing their men's shirts and jackets are much better, and yes, celebrities can do it right as well.

i love the colors, and even the jeans look good in this outfit

fantastic jacket, lovely shorts, amazing colors

see, that's the way to travel! how comfy could that be!?

this jacket is pure love.

ugly legs, but nice way to wear a BF shirt

a huuuuge no for the sandals, but a big yes for the outfit, even for the jeans

i love the jacket

i don't like this girl, but i love the way she wears this shirt and i could use her legs too...

what are your thoughts on boyfriend style? do you wear it? do you like it? COMMENT ;) xo


  1. Love it but my boyfriend does not always let me steal it;))) ehehheh


  2. I love the simplicity of the boyfriend style...
    I very often wear my boyfriend/brother/dad's shirt Vanessa Hudgens's style!!!


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