i'm so sorry.

dear everyone, sorry for not posting in the last few days, but i have a good reason. i'm pretty sick, i can't concentrate on anything, and if i'd try to write something sensible, i'd cause myself a pretty bad headache or an even worse fever. so please, stay tuned, everyone, i'll get back to blogging ASAP. xo



hey guys, it's friday, yeyy :) 
whatcha doing tonight? and most importantly: what will you wear tonight?

i'm going out with a few friends, wearing a strapless romper by Mango, grey zip hoodie (the best zip hoodie ever, not the usual kind), leopard print tights and knee-high boots. 
my nails are painted gold, my hair is wavy as usually and my makeup is as simple as can be.
sorry for the terrible picture, that's all i can do with my crappy phone.
have so much fun tonight, everyone, it's 9.37 PM here already, so i'm about to leave soon. take care. don't drink and drive. and NEVER do drugs. they're bad. :) xo

My Recent Favorite Blogger - Eighties Spring.

i finally figured out how should i do this blogger series thing - i'm gonna post interviews for 5 days everyday every month. it means that for November, this is gonna be the last interview.
meet Nusardel. this guy is shocking: he's 12 (yes, TWELVE years old), looks like a twenty-something guy, and he's incredibly stylish. and surprisingly smart. 

Q: Who are you into the real life? (age, location, likes, dislikes, hobbies, job, studies, etc.)
I'm 12 and live in Sydney, Australia. I'm planning on becoming a fashion photographer. And though I can't get a job yet, I'm hoping my first one will be at somewhere like Burberry.

Q: What led you to start blogging?
Being able to speak my mind freely was one of the main reasons I started blogging. I also liked the fact that people might actually read what I write and that my knowledge and thoughts might help them.

Q: What are the biggest pros and cons of blogging for you?
Blogging is a huge thing, even though everyone takes it for granted. It's got the ability to spark controversy, or if you're not honest enough, bore people to death. I guess it's a pro when I've actually created my content, and it gives me a way to store my thoughts, almost like a notepad. The obvious con would be writing something interesting; I don't want my posts to sound like something out of a textbook, but at the same time, I want them to be based on fact.

Q: In real life, how would you describe yourself in terms of fashion? (style, favorite looks, favorite pieces of clothing, favorite designs, etc.)
Right now, I've got this huge thing for denim, and neutral colours. Most of the time, I try and add a bohemian touch to each of my outfits, without looking like a hippie. I also like to keep things cheap which is kind of hard considering I'm a brands kind of guy. At the moment, I'm obsessed with my canvas sneakers I recently bought and my Country Roadcardigan; if I go out, no matter what the weather, I'll most likely be in the two with a pair of denim shorts.

Q: Finally, how would you describe your blog in a few words?
My blog is a stupid, useless thing and I'm shocked people even read it. But they do, so I must be doing something right.

visit his blog, Eighties Spring. sadly, i can't specifically recommend any of his posts, 'cause it's pretty much a daily outfit blog, but all of his stuff are great despite their simplicity. thanks for everything, Nusardei, it was a pleasure to get to know you :) xo

so that's it of bloggers for this month, i hope you liked the first ummm season? of the series, and i encourage you to comment, comment, comment :) xo

Nicki or Gaga?

Nicki Minaj looked as if she was copying Lady Gaga at The Wendy William show. and, unfortunately, it was disastrous.

what do you think? i don't really like it :( sorry, Nicki, i still love you! :) xo

Balenciaga holiday collection. pure love.

these bags are so adorable i can't even express it. shiny, glitteri, sparkling, awwwww. i love them.

what do you think? in my opinion, the one on the third picture is pretty much added to my wish list. 
they're all gonna be in my dreams tonight. 


My Recent Favorite Blogger - NRC.

meet Ngoni Chikwenengere, aka NRC, editor of The Musings of NRC. first of all, she's beautiful. second, she is an amazing person - this part of her introduction caught me a lot and describes why i think she's fantastic: "I’m not your typical teenage girl - i'm a vegan (Ben and Jerry's doesn't count right?) , hard core rocker, partime sunday school teacher and full time recessionista.Forget Drink,Drugs and late nights on the town pass me the muffin basket and A Ysl Tribute bag."

Q: Who are you into the real life? (age, location, likes, dislikes, hobbies, job, studies, etc.)
Hi I'm know as Ngoni Rutendo Chikwenengere or NRC, I am18 on the 24 of November(yaay) I live in England in a place called Northampton.  
I love food, clothes and like minded creative people. I'm a student studying Film,Drama,Textiles and English Literature and Language

Q: What led you to start blogging?
I just wanted a place that I could interact with people like me and I'd been reading blogs for a while and I though I can do that.

Q: What are the biggest pros and cons of blogging for you?
Pros are my followers and comments from people even if they don't agree. Also there is a great sense of community.
Cons there are none.

Q: In real life, how would you describe yourself in terms of fashion? (style, favorite looks, favorite pieces of clothing, favorite designs, etc.)
I'm always wearing black, I like a bit of everything to be honest, well everything Autumn/Winter.

Q: Finally, how would you describe your blog in a few words?
A fun and truthful out look on Fashion, Life and whatever else.

i'm really proud that i could introduce you this fantastic blogger. visit her blog, and read THIS particular post, it's great, just like every other segments of her blog.
any thoughts? comment :) xo

someone please cut me!

Sephora's new bandages are...GLITTERY. i want grazes now. a lot of them. 

isn't it lovely!? gee... :) xo

lovely Wang stuff @ TheOutnet

the biggest outlet shopping site, the Outnet relaunched with an amazing Wang collection. i can't say anything bad about it and i don't want to say anything bad either, so i'll just let them speak for themselves.

like it? i LOVE it. any thoughts about Alexander Wang? comment :)xo

plaid inspiration.

i love plaid, it's the best pattern, and although this sentence might have sounded a bit schematic, i really mean it. 
plaid looks good on shirts, skirts and even leggings. see for yourselves.

what do you think about plaid? 
what do you think is the pattern of this winter? COMMENT :) xo


My Recent Favorite Blogger - mcQueenBeep.

today's blogger profile is not about one blogger, but two blogger ladies, who edit mcQueenBeep, this amazing, interesting and colorful blog about everything fashion. 
let's meet Carolina and Marilyn, they're not only nice and pretty girls, but they are pretty good bloggers as well, and have an impeccable taste in fashion - based on what i've seen on their blog, at least.

Carolina of mcQueenBeep

Who are you into the real life? 

Carolina, Age 20.  Marketing and Fashion Design Student, residing in the Dominican Republic.
I enjoy designing, listening to music, watching movies (specially classics) and my fashion design classes.  

Marilyn, Age 20, Dominican Republic.  I like to read, watch movies and of course think about things I can create (fashion wise).

What led you to start blogging?

Carolina:  Our love for fashion and pop culture in general.   We wanted our own private retreat in which we could express our thoughts, our likes and our experiences in our fashion design career.   We want to connect with people from all over the world who enjoy what we love and would like to read what we have to offer. 

Marilyn of myQueenBeep

What are the biggest pros and cons of blogging for you?

Pros:  It's fun. I enjoy writing, the picture editing and the information search.  It’s a process I really enjoy.
Cons:  No cons yet!


Pros: It's fun to write about stuff that we like, so it’s just liberating to write something that we love.  
Let it be fashion, pop culture, weird things or random facts.
Cons: I am lazy to translate or to rewrite the article in spanish. Not difficult, but just lazy.

In real life, how would you describe yourself in terms of fashion? 

Carolina: I'm into the Rock Glamour yet girly look: Band T-shirts, jeans, cool handbags, etc.  It all depends on my mood and event I’m assisting.  Random fact: My name is Carolina and I have an unhealthy obsession with Earrings.  I had to get that off my chest. Hahaha. 

Marilyn:  Simple with an artsy touch. Depends on my mood and the weather.  Then I’ll look for something and create a style that goes according to it.  Weather is an important factor that a lot of people overlook. 

Finally, how would you describe your blog in a few words?

Carolina:  mcQueenBeep is a creative outlet for two best friends to express themselves.    It’s a place to know or even learn about:  Pop Culture, Fashion, Design and Music in a fun non judgmental form. 

as a kind of closure, let me recommend you THIS post on mcQueenBeep - i never heard of this designer before, but he definitely worths to be mentioned on such a fantastic fashion blog. 

thank you, Carolina and Marilyn :) xo

            Tavi Gevinson once again.

            this is the last time i ever write about Tavi Gevinson, i swear, but i just couldn't not say anything about this. 
            Tavi and Sassy's former editor, Jane Pratt start a new teen magazine that will be similar to Sassy, blah, blah, blah. yeah, those are the news. the part i don't understand is the following: WHY TAVI? no, seriously. she is probably the only person in the ummm fashion industry? no, she's nowhere in the fashion industry, let's say she's the only person in the circle of "celebrities" who i can not stand.

            i know that there's a lot of you out there who like her, adore her, look up to her, and i basically understand this, but please, take a look at THIS and THIS article (both are my older posts, one written in cooperation with my dear friend, Marcus, editor of Fashion's Religion), and after all those, please, please, comment!
            what do you think about Tavi? if you like her, why? i'm really interested in other people's thoughts about her. 
            thank you, guys. seriously, i want to know, what you think. it's important to me. 

            just a bite of Christmas.

            38 days left and it's still pretty warm (at least here it is), so let me give you a little bit of that warm, gingerbread scented Christmas feeling we all love so much.

            well, yeah, that's all for now, i just wanted to get y'll into the mood ;) xo


            outfit post from a few days earlier.

            umm okay, probably it was like 2 weeks ago. it was the first week of November and it was 20 Celsius degrees, which is totally unusual here, and i enjoyed not wearing a coat so much i had to take a photo. 

            i wear the sweater i posted about HERE, a jeans skirt and a jacket by H&M. and of course my over-knee boots. 
            it's not such an extraordinary outfit, but i love it. what do you think? COMMENT :) xo

            Keresési eredmények

            boyfriend style.

            i don't know about you, but my boyfriend has only one piece of clothing that looks good on me, and it's a grey cardigan. every other stuff look weird - his jackets look ridiculous, 'cause the shoulder pads make my shoulder look 3 meters wide, and it's all just funny, his jeans wouldn't stay up on me ever, not even with 3 belts, and his shirts...i don't know, they are just not long enough.
            oh, i almost forgot, i can wear my boyfriend's tank tops too. i love them, but unfortunately he doesn't have enough of them, so i always have to give them back, and finally i stand here with no tank tops left. 
            anyways, the conclusion is that either i have to get a new boyfriend (which is not gonna happen, ever) or i have to lose weight, which is probably the way to go. it does make sense, actually, 'cause let's look at celebrities, all the skinny girls can wear their boyfriends' stuff and look fantastic in them, but just imagine Queen Latifah wearing a boyfriend shirt...well, not the same.
            as for boyfriend style, i'm not a huge fan of girls wearing their BFs' jeans, but celebrities seem to like it. girls wearing their men's shirts and jackets are much better, and yes, celebrities can do it right as well.

            i love the colors, and even the jeans look good in this outfit

            fantastic jacket, lovely shorts, amazing colors

            see, that's the way to travel! how comfy could that be!?

            this jacket is pure love.

            ugly legs, but nice way to wear a BF shirt

            a huuuuge no for the sandals, but a big yes for the outfit, even for the jeans

            i love the jacket

            i don't like this girl, but i love the way she wears this shirt and i could use her legs too...

            what are your thoughts on boyfriend style? do you wear it? do you like it? COMMENT ;) xo

            Rihanna's hair - rad or bad?

            okay, really - honestly, i hate it. but what do YOU think? vote, and COMMENT ;) xo

            pollcode.com free polls
            Rad or Bad?
            Rad Bad   


            The Debonair 30 Day Wardrobe Challenge

            i found this challenge on The Debonair Extraordinaire and i find it so cool i must re-post it!
            "Here are the rules:

            1. Pick 30 items or less from your closet. Shoes are included, accessories and jewelry are not.

            2. Remix the 30 items into 30 different outfits.

            That's it! Well not entirely so..

            3. Don't shop for 30 days."

            i personally could never do this, but i encourage everyone to do so! it's a fantastic challenge! click HERE  to see the original post, and to see what are The Debonair Extraordinaire's editor's picks :) xo 

            12 new American Apparel nail polishes.

            American Apparel expands its nail polish collection for the holidays with 12 new colors: Cameo Blue, Army Jacket, Echo Park, Mannequin, Rouge, Raccoon, Port, Make Up, MacArthur Park, Cocoa, Trenchcoat, African Violet.

            my favorites are the second, the sixth and the ninth ones (from the left). but actually all of them are pretty. even the older colors...

            what do you think? which color is the best? comment ;) xo

            my christmas wish list.

            there are still 40 days 'till Christmas, but it's always on my mind. like, i'm surfing on ebay all the time, looking for the perfect presents, mostly for my boyfriend, but of course i'm browsing gifts for my dad, who has everything and got pretty useless stuff from me in the last 4 years, for my mom, who actually doesn't need anything but a calendar for next year every Christmas, but unfortunately i just gave it to her as a pre-birthday gift on saturday (her birthday is the 30th of November, and i'm the kinda person, who buys the gift and can't take not giving them to the person who bought them for immediately...so i did.), for my grandparents, who are happy enough to see me once in a while, but i just can't go there, eat the Christmas meal and not giving them anything, for my friends (oh, dear Lord, i didn't even think about them yet...) and for many, many relatives, whom i have no idea what to get for.
            considering all these above, i decided to help my family with gifting me. making wish lists had always been something that just never worked out, 'cause when you're sitting down to write one, nothing comes to your mind. ever. now this year, i have stuff on my mind.

            1.) a spin bike

            see, i never ever have the time to go to the gym. ever. so this year, i desperately want an indoor bike thing. everything about them is positive - you can read, watch TV, study, or do anything while riding them, you don't have to go anywhere, since it's in your room, you don't need to get dressed to go outside of the apartment just to get to the gym...anyways, i want one. and rumor has it, my parents already bought me one. haha.

            2.) a sequined hat

            i posted about this particular hat earlier. well, the thing is that i really adore sequined stuff, and this is one that i just couldn't take my mind off of. i'm pretty sure there's no way i could get it in my country, but a girl can dream...

            3.) a blue silk linen for my new bed

            i believe i told you about that we're renewing our apartment with my mom. now, this linen would be just perfect on my renewed room's new bed. it's gonna be a round shaped bed (well, i hope so, at least) and since two walls will be blue in the room, i want blue linen. yeah. also, i have these dreams about lying in the bed, windows open, curtains flying around, sun rising into my room, and then my boyfriend walks in with a huge plate with my breakfast on it...yeah, well, that's another thing that's never gonna happen.

            4.) a 3-part makeup mirror

            i've been chasing a mirror like this for months now, but the only place i could get it from in the right size, is a makeup tool store, and it costs $350 there...now that's not the price i had in mind, thanks.

            5.) a trip to NYC

            whenever a see a picture of Manhattan, especially the Times Square lately, i get this bad, bad feeling. as i told you, i was in the States with my boyfriend in August, and ever since that, i desperately wanna go back. i miss everything about it, New York, especially, and i can't wait 'till next summer, when me and my bf will probably spend 6 weeks there, going to pre-college at NYU. fingers crossed, but 'till then, someone could really surprise me with two flight tickets to NYC.

            6.) a romantic night

            if you're my boyfriend, and reading this, please, stop reading now. not because it's a secret, but because i don't want you to think it's a kinda hint or something, 'cause it's not...entirelly. 
            so here it is: a romantic dinner that wasn't made by me, it was rather a surprise, candlelight/fireplace light, a romantic walk wherever, going ice-skating, holding hands in the moonlight, watching the stars together, eating fried chestnuts, drinking gluh wine...okay, that's enough. anyways, you know, what i mean.

            that's pretty much all i want for Christmas. as for gifting others, i still have problems, but i can handle them, and eventually everyone will get another useless something, which is cute and stuff, but on the inside i swear i'll get something amazing for everyone next year. or not.

            what do you want for Christmas, what's on your wish lists? and those of you out there in a relationship, what do you get for your partner? comment ;) xo
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