when in France.

greetings from the South of France, everyone! the weather is amazing here, the environment is gorgeous and fashion is...well, french. 
we've been to this new shopping mall by Nice, Cap300. there's a Lafayette in it, which is the ultimate french department store, and you know, what i experienced? embellished shoulders everywhere! so fresh experience as it is, i bought a sweater immediately - a simple, black oversized sweater with gorgeous embellishment on the shoulders.

like it? 'cause i LOVE it! i'm gonna wear it tomorrow to the club Le Cave du Roy at St. Tropez. can't wait. i'm gonna post my look. also, i got this fab pair of rubber boots by Vivienne Westwood. i couldn't believe my eyes when i noticed this name written in the boots.

i also got a few stuff from Sephora and Mango, but they're not as awesome as the ones above. 
i'm planning to post about my trip here daily. good night y'all. 

P.S.: my fashion lust list's first ever giveaway ends tonight! i wish all of good luck, the name of the winner is going to be published tomorrow night. 


  1. OMG I am SO jealous! I cant wait to see your outfit post with that sweater! It looks lovely, and those boots!! LUCKY!!


  2. haha :) thank you, dear, i'm glad you like them! gonna do my best to post a lot of outfits and new clothes of mine :) xo

  3. I am so glad your having a good time in France! I love that sweater as well! I would definitely buy it too, I love embellishments! Cute boots as well. :)

  4. I'm in love with France! I've been there two times (but never in Paris :( ) and I'd love to go there again!


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