peek inside a lady's boudoire.

we've visited Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild, the villa of a Rothschild Baroness, who lived in the 19-20. century, but was in LOVE with the 18. century and the villa and herself was made to be like it'd have been in the 1700's. 
which part did i like tho most? her boudoire - the room where she slept and dressed. i love her stuff, captured almost everything. 

this girl was a bit crazy. i mean she dressed up as marie antoinette when her friends came over to hers. 
the villa otherwise was gorgeous. comment what you think :) xo


  1. Wow it looks absolutely amazing!!! Lovely pics!
    I hope you had a fab time!


  2. That is a bit crazy that she dressed up as Marie Antoinette. She had such beautiful things. It is fun to look at what they had in possession. It is like looking back in time. :)

  3. i'm glad you guys like it :) there's more to come soon. xo


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