my top five pleasures.

i'm blogging since july and i realized i still didn't really post anything personal. so i decided to list the five things i could never live without (and yes, i left chocolate out, because i'm just about to quit eating chocolate).

1. Coffee
mostly starbucks or nespresso, accompanied by a cigarette. coffee is amazing - tastes great, smells great, refreshing, reduces appetite (it helped a lot in all of my diets...ever) and is good for your health. it is. really.

2. The most beautiful ring ever

not too much to say - i got it from my boyfriend for christmas last year. i love it. it's gorgeous. :)

3. MAC Cosmetics

okay, you've probably guessed it already - i'm in love with MAC. i adore the art of makeup, and MAC makes the best products (in my opinion, of course).

4. Nokia e75

i'm a geek with my cellphone really. i have it in my hands for like 15 hours a day - probably that's why it breaks down so often lately. i love that i can check my mails, my blog, my facebook page and everything on it. it's in the Nokia workshop thing at the moment...broken down.

5. Amazon Kindle in red leather case

amazon kindle is a fabulous invention, i can carry all my favorite books with me all the time (except for "you know you want it" by eric daman, because kindle store doesn't have it). my favorites are "the devil wears prada" by lauren weisberger and "my life in france" by julia child and alex prud'homme - i love to read them anytime!

what is your top five? post it in a comment :) xo


  1. my to five:
    4.gin tonic

  2. I LOVE coffee too! I dont ever know how I lived without it!
    Oh yeah and MAC cosmetics!



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