my latest makeup finds.

i've purchased a few stuff in France at MAC and Claire's. let me show you my favorites.

 my favorite favorite favorite is this one - the "Rose" pigment by MAC. amazing. golden-red-pink...lovely.

the "Violet" pigment by MAC. i adore its color. smooth, glossy and beautiful.

 the "Blackground" paint pot by MAC. great base for the "Rose" pigment or any sparkling eyeshadow.

the "Bare Study" paint pot by MAC. it's fabulous as the base of, well, anything. it has a little purple glow, though it can't really be seen on the picture.

and my favorite is...

i know, it's creepy, but it's gorgeous! it tickles my eyebrows, which is weird. 

what are your favorite MAC or any kind of makeup products? i can't wait to read about your thoughts :) xo

1 comment:

  1. I like MAC products! My favourite one from your post is certainly the "Blackground", because I love the smokey make-up!


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