Jason Wu launched an exclusive Shiseido line

fashion designer Jason Wu just started his collaboration with Supreme Aupres, making skin care, hair care, nail care and mostly makeup products of course. 
Wu invented a new formula, the "soufflé" formula of the eyeshadows, which come in jewel-topped compacts and look amazing.

the "soufflé" formula means simply that it's a powder, which becomes a soft, light gel immediately when contacting skin. at least they say it happens this way.
anyway, the collection is surely eye-catching, glamorous and elegant enough, also no doubt that the quality is also excellent, so if anyone of you would want to throw an eyeshadow - like below - at me, i wouldn't throw it back or anything.

on the NYFW this September, Jason Wu's make-up pros used these products for the models' makeups, nails and hair. i think they all look really good, simple make-up, still strong, significant colors...fascinating.

what do you think? personally, i believe the collection was made especially for asian women, since the eyeshadow looks ten times better on the asian girl then on the blond girl. or, at least, the color's not the right one for the blondie.

Jason Wu


  1. So nice blog! We could follow each other!What do you think about?


  2. thank you, darling. of course we could, i will do it just now :) xo

  3. OMG that is the most superb packaging I have ever seem....so glam! I love it.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, much appreciated hon! xo



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