is it fashionable to be like an ethiopian?

i know there are a lot of articles about how being anorexic is bad, not-sexy, et cetera. anyways, i just noticed something weird.
my latest obsession these days is highlighting my cheekbones and bronzing my cheeks - it makes my face look thinner. lots of models wear makeups that look totally as if they had enormous circles around their eyes. i was thinking about these a lot lately, and noticed something - starving ethiopian people look just like this!
i mean, look at the face of a poor, starving teenage girl from ethiopia, or any other country where there's no food. their bones can be seen, they have big black lines around their eyes, and their cheeks? what cheeks? they only have those magnificent cheekbones, which are not so magnificent when they're not made by a bronzer and an angled brush, but appeared because of the lack of food.

see the similarities? their heads are also similarly big measured to their bodies. it's scary in a way.
also, their ribs are standing out, though kate moss is totally a lot fatter on this picture than most of the times.

the other thing is - models and their figures. i found that the right picture below is of a model, who got to hospital because of anorexia - sadly, she looks scarily like an ethiopian kid from behind.

although it's clearly because of anorexia, i can't explain the eyes. the circles. i couldn't find any good pictures, but we all know that starving people have dark circles under their eyes. why do makeup artists put that kind of makeup onto the models' faces? really.

so seeing all these, i have to drive to the following conclusion: being a poor, starving, sick person is stylish.
it saddens me. i don't believe in the "let everyone see your gorgeous bones" thing that every pro-ana-mia websites talk about. i don't think it's beautiful to look like as if the first little wind could break you into pieces.
i don't mean to protest against anorexia, if it is what you want to do, do it.
all i say is that just take a look at those people living in huge poverty - would you ever want to be like them in any ways?
it's a big piece of contradiction really. fashion industry is obviously all about money, glitz, glam, sparkling, showing off. and if so, why do people, who represent fashion industry look like as if they could never live up for all these illusions?


  1. I believe that models need to be skinny. I personally believe that what makes people want to buy the clothes. Seeing a beautiful skinny model makes people believe that they will also look skinny if they buy the clothes. BUT I think it's important to be at a healthy weight and size. I size 4 is perfect for a model. Rachel Zoe use to be a size 4 before she lost all of her weight and she looked so vibrant and healthy. That being said, this was a great post and I enjoyed reading it!



  2. Great post I enjoyed reading this. You have made some good points here, I also contour my cheekbones to make it look slimmer and more angled, having said that skinny models are aspirational and they make you want the lifestyle. Slim, beautiful, affluent, powerful, desirable.
    Ask any girl out there if she wants to be a model and you get the same answer. x


  3. You are completely right and it is sad! But that being said it seems like things never change in the industry!
    You should submit this article to the ifb weekly roundup!
    Those little gloves in my pics were actually arm warmers! And they were hot!

  4. I meant hot temperature wise! Lol


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