is it cute to be matchy-matchy?

some people say they just coordinate, i say they're matchy-matchy and i don't always like it. of course sometimes they can look good, but usually it's weird.



any thoughts on matchy-matchy couples? i'm not sure whether it's fun or freaky.


  1. I'm pretty certain it's freaky. Dress how you like to dress and if stylistically you and your partner match, that's great. But the same shade of of dress and suit? Life isn't prom. Have you decided yet? I say definitely NOT cute.

  2. I agree, though if you look at David Schwimmer and his girl, they look amazing as the girl's pants match David's blazer (though I'm not a huge fan of the girl's pants). But it's probably not the case of matchy-ness, it must be the stylistical match, just as you mentioned. I don't know. I just don't know.


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