Dorina Lepp - Teen Socialite Nail Artist

A new craze seem to appear in the circles of the hungarian young and rich. This fad is Dorina Lepp. 
The teenage manicure artist have been doing the nails of the high society youngsters for one year now, and everyone seems to adore her work. 
She makes UV gel base artificial nails, gorgeous nail paints; she can correct nail injuries aesthetically and can lengthen and shape nails however one likes. 
I've met her in person, seen her works, and I must admit no wonder the upper class loves her.

Why did you start working with nails?
I never liked my nails naturally, I've always painted them over and over to match my outfit. My nails were always very sensitive, they broke, they were weak, so I went to my friend's mom's beauty salon one day and got my nails done. I liked the result pretty much, but thought that it'd be a little pricey to have them done every month, so I decided to buy the tools so I can do my own nails. Of course I'm lucky to have creativity and talent for arts too.
First i only practiced on my mom and myself, then my friends started to notice how good my nails looked and to wonder if I could do their nails too. The first few works of mine were not so perfect, but I didn't notice it then, only now as I revise the photos I see the problems and mistakes, as I improved a lot since then - I went to nail artist cons, read a lot about nails, like blogs and magazines, but I have never been to a nail art course or workshop, since i'm not over 18 yet.

What is this UV gel based artificial nail thing?
It gets hard when you put it under UV light, eventually it's harder than plastic, but when applying, it's a liquid-ish material, a little more rich than shower gels. You can get unlimited designs by having these nails, like you can basically have them made of colored gels and even build stuff into the nails, such as gems, rhinestones, even tiny drawings, any kinda small design stuff. It has lots of adventages - no broken nails, no polish chipping, it's easily shapable, you can paint for example red on you french manicure if you want something different for one night, you can wash the polis off any time, acetone doesn't harm the gel nails at all.

What are the most special things you can do?
A lot of people like built-in lace in UV gel nails. Rhinestones and glitters are the most popular, but I can build in feathers, tiny metallic balls, chemically produced opal (which looks exactly like real opal) and even tiny, colorful real dried flowers. 
I can apply color altering gel nails and glow-in-the-dark nails as well - the latest invention is the "chameleon gel", which alters color when contacting light or heat.
I can apply 3D flowers, paint anything that stands out, but i will soon use acryllic paint too.
Here in Hungary, stiletto nails are trendy these days - these are long, pointy nails, like witches' nails. I can also make edge nails that look like little roofs, hybrid nails that are mixes of the stiletto and the edge nails, the square nails who are, well, square shaped, and the almond nails that are round.

almond nail with a real flower built in it

chemically produced opal

edge nail with glitter

square shaped nails with rubber fruits built in it

built-in lace

stiletto nails

What kind of nails do you like the most? What kinda nails do you have?
I like french manicure, it's sophisticated, but compared to what we could do to our nails these days, it's too simple.
I always try to make my nails unique, but then of course people come and they want to have my nail style on their own hands when they see it, so it doesn't stay unique for too long. I have simple, light pink, color altering square UV gel nails with white roses on my ring fingers' nails at the moment.

What about these artificial nails on toes?
They are similar to hand nails, only they're thinner. Shiny, long-lasting and pretty. People love them in the summertime.

What is your price range?
I work for a fix price of 16 dollars (3000 hungarian Forints). Whatever people ask for, I do it for that amount of money.

How can one contact you?
I'm available on Facebook, my name is Dorina Lepp, feel free to message me or add me. 
My e-mail address is dorinalepp@gmail.com, I work in budapest (for those who still don't know: capital of Hungary) on the Buda side.

So, ladies and gentlemen, really do feel free to contact her. Also, if you ask Dorina anything in a comment on this post, she can answer here as well. And please, let us know about your thoughts on her work. Take care. x


  1. Hey.
    First I want apologize my bad english :)
    I just think what kind a pink builder gel you are make those purple stiletto nails? I mean sheer, semi sheer or opaque, and is that neutral, cool or warm pink? And which gel series that are.

  2. Hmmmmm, I think these are cool, but you could simply get any small wild flowers from your backyard. If you have green grass, your most likely to have pretty small flowers. In my backyard I have forget me nots, and little red flowers. You could dry them then put them on your fake nails, or real nails. its really cool!

  3. How did you create the 'chemically produced Opal' nails???




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