fashionable homes.

since we're just about to renew our apartment with my mom, i'm pretty much into browsing stylish fitments and interior stuff. 
i'm following this blog, Lofts, Homes, Building, Architecture like months ago, and i love the things they're posting! 
here comes a list of my favorite interior designs which are totally going to be an inspiration for us when furnishing our tiny but really cool apartment.

roomy, warm and elegant. i love the sofa!

how gorgeous is this!? really. i could totally imagine Jackie O. sitting here or something. i adore that fireplace and the lamp by the sofa.

this kitchen is dreamy. i love how the walls are so simply, still amazingly glamorous with all that shine and all. also, i love the huge platforms.

tiny and comfy, those bookshelves are cool and i love the brick walls paired with the huge windows and the simple bed.

noticed the pattern on the purple armchair on the left? gorgeous! also, the table is sweet, and brick walls + huge windows = awwww (again).

finally, the bed is beautiful, so as the chair by the table. i could never sleep in a room like that though, too spacious, too large.

these rooms all in all are fabulous, and i highly recommend everyone to visit Lofts, Homes, Building, Architecture blog sometimes, because - even though they're rarely posting - the pictures are beautiful!

also, i plan to make my room's basic colors light blue and brown. i'm not entirely sure about the exact shades yet, though i found some inspiring pictures.

i think the wallpaper and this something (that is like a bed, still it's something else...at least it must be...) in the picture is fantastic! 

 the curtains are cool, though it all looks too much like a hotel room to me.

i adore the wallpaper!

those curtains or what are those are sweet.

the bed. :)

what yo you think? that shades would you choose? other: what do you think about round shaped beds? i plan to have one... comment, please :) xo

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  1. number 4 is just perfect! If i have my own apartment it will look like this. I hope.


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