lovely new stuff.

heyy :) it's just gonna be a quick post written while smoking a good cigarette and staring at the view, which i share with you like now.

i'm on the countryside now with my lovely lovely boyfriend and my mom and my aunt, etc. there's a sailing fair here now.

i love the new louis vuitton bags. the white one, especially. i think it's not in stores yet.
new designer - h and m co-op: lanvin. i'm looking forward to see the clothes.

new prada evening bag. i don't like it really. what do you think?

designers make special pieces for the new york fashion night out! cute shoes by keds, pretty booties by giuseppe zanotti, zebra pillow by marni, and lanvin, dolce and gabbana and henri bendel tees.

what do you think about all these things? i think the suede booties are totally to die for. and the LV bag of course. comment, please, i almost think i have no readers at all, though stats show i do. love you all.


  1. I don't like the Prada bag all that much either..
    It was such a shame that Fashion's Night Out wasn't in Canada, I wanted one of those items. -_-

  2. umm yeah, tell me bout it, i'm in europe, sweetie :D


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