nicki minaj.

i found my favorite couple (or whatever) - amber rose and nicki minaj! these girls are fabulously shameless and gorgeously curvy. i love both of them. i don't know if there was really something more between them then friendship but i'm not even sure i want to know. 

nicki minaj is amazing. her style, make up and attitude is adorable! i'd be in love with her if i were a boy. but i'm unfortunately not, so i just see her as a role model. i mean, nowadays every girl see women like ashlee simpson and nicole richie someone whose style to follow, although it is totally not sexy to be anorexic. look at nicki - she's curvy as a girl should be, still not fat at all and looking gorgeous.

well this is a girl i look up to. who do you guys look up to, and why? 
later. xo

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  1. I love the pic where she's smiling , shes sooo cute


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