guess who's coming to my homeland...

...and is staying for like 3 months!? brangelina! yes, the whole jolie-pitt family's gonna move to hungary until after christmas, 'cause for some reason, jolie directed a new movie which they going to shoot here, or something. in fact, they're going to move to the district that's right by the district where i live, so if i ever pass by their home, i'll post pictures.
oh, and katy perry is here in hungary too, since monday, and came out from her hotel room for the first time today, so the TV channels are full of her. she's gonna have a concert on friday. i think stars love hungary these days. haha.

the sartorialist celebrated it's birthday yesterday. happy birthday! the sartorialist is 5 yrs old, just like my favorite blog, the Refinery 29. 

i love MAC's video journal they kept through NYC fashion week. you can watch a lot of them on MAC Cosmetics' YouTube channel

i've been to the pre-launch party of MAC's new collection, Disney's Venomous Villains Collection. i loved it! for some reason, i brought my boyfriend with me, which meant that i had to concentrate on keeping him quiet rather than on leaning how to make the Evil Queen's makeup.
but please, let me show you, what i saw there.

if only it wouldn't be so expensive...
anyways, sorry for being a bad blogger these days, i have more than too much to do. i'm the CEO of a Young Enterprise company, i'm studying, having a personal life and studying for TOEFL (no, i actually do not study for it, it just sounds good).

but i plan to change the blog's skin soon, and i will totally get back on track soon, and continue working on the blog too.

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