back to school tomorrow.

school begins tomorrow (for us), which means 6 hours of sleep a night instead of 12, waking up at 6.00 AM instead of 3.00 PM, getting ready in as little as 40 minutes instead of one and a half hour, morning coffee at 7.30 AM instead of at 5.00 PM, and endless days sitting in the classroom -- instead of doing nothing. oh my. i don't want to go to schoooooool.
but now, it's the 1st of september, the first day of fall. i love fall, though now i'm upset, since it's like 14 Celsius degrees here now and i'm really cold. but at least i can wear my new trench.
the only problem is that now i'm so tired i can barely stay awake (umm...last night was the last night of summer and my first anniversary with my boyfriend at the same time soo...we didn't really sleep enough). please forgive me for not posting anything interesting today - will do tomorrow though. i promise.
until that, have a nice day and good luck for school. 
later. xo

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