people...oh dear.

alright, i'm in science class now, learning about DNA and protein and endoplasmatic reticulum and stuff, which i definitely don't give a shit about, so i share my thoughts with u instead.
on my way to school on thee bus i just realized i don't understand why people DON'T CARE. i'm talking about their looks - greasy hair, fat rolls everywhere, black bras under too-thight white tees, dirty shoes, dirty nails, lack of the use of deodorant sprays, unshaved armpits and legs, people in sweatpants everywhere. WHY? i understand (in fact, i know) how difficult it is to build a stylish and polished lady of the mess that looks back at you from the mirror every morning, but i just can't see the point of not even trying.
as i look around only here, in my class, girls are disasterous, though they're the exact same age as i am. and also i don't agree with what people from lesser rich families say, that being fashionable and hygienic is all about money. IT IS NOT!
this whole topic just upsets me.

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  1. Mhm... maybe they care about DNA and stuff instead. ;) I agree with you in that I don't understand why people let themselves get dirty/unhygienic, but for the amount of effort everyone puts in their styling after a basic level of cleanliness is reached, I wouldn't want to judge... some people are happy with how they look without makeup, some people prefer sweatpants etc. because comfort is more important to them than looks, some people don't shave because they just don't see the point in making this major body modification for the sake of our society's arbitrary beauty standard...


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