guess who's coming to my homeland...

...and is staying for like 3 months!? brangelina! yes, the whole jolie-pitt family's gonna move to hungary until after christmas, 'cause for some reason, jolie directed a new movie which they going to shoot here, or something. in fact, they're going to move to the district that's right by the district where i live, so if i ever pass by their home, i'll post pictures.
oh, and katy perry is here in hungary too, since monday, and came out from her hotel room for the first time today, so the TV channels are full of her. she's gonna have a concert on friday. i think stars love hungary these days. haha.

the sartorialist celebrated it's birthday yesterday. happy birthday! the sartorialist is 5 yrs old, just like my favorite blog, the Refinery 29. 

i love MAC's video journal they kept through NYC fashion week. you can watch a lot of them on MAC Cosmetics' YouTube channel

i've been to the pre-launch party of MAC's new collection, Disney's Venomous Villains Collection. i loved it! for some reason, i brought my boyfriend with me, which meant that i had to concentrate on keeping him quiet rather than on leaning how to make the Evil Queen's makeup.
but please, let me show you, what i saw there.

if only it wouldn't be so expensive...
anyways, sorry for being a bad blogger these days, i have more than too much to do. i'm the CEO of a Young Enterprise company, i'm studying, having a personal life and studying for TOEFL (no, i actually do not study for it, it just sounds good).

but i plan to change the blog's skin soon, and i will totally get back on track soon, and continue working on the blog too.


M.A.C smoky eye tutorial video

it's a MAC makeup tutorial by a senior artist, Luc. i love the look, though it's weird, because when i took a makeup course at MAC last week, we've learned a totally different technique to make smoky eyes - a more difficult and less everyday-looking one. i couldn't say i like this one better, because for a party or something, the one i've learned last week is definitely better, but i could wear this one a lot more often.


MAC Makeup Inspiration

oh, mr. lauren, what have you done!?

ralph lauren practically screwed his whole spring 2011 collection up - it's really sad, since i always liked ralph lauren's stuff. 
this western-style collection is more than appalling, it's hideous. i've tried to single out a few of them which are not so bad, but i think i failed.
"Mr. Lauren, in a fine show on Thursday, added too much beaded fringe, lace and metallic shine in his Western collection for it to be anything other than an appreciative take on the urban cowgirl ... the cool elements strive to paint the town in beaded fringe." by NYT 

spring 2011 pret-a-porter - oscar de la renta

this season is all about floral details, light colors and feminine suits at oscar de la renta. 
i especially like the first and the last looks below - the first is amazingly glamorous to me, and on the last one, the flowers are very cute. 
" ... a beautiful and savvily controlled collection, very romantic and very Oscar." by WWD

i love these shoes.

i found this pair on sea of shoes and i adore these shoes. the details are amazing. and the heels? i mean, wow!


my bf's watch.

i loooove this watch! it's a unique piece, was a gift from the some-russian-or-something-state's government. it's gold. and leather. and i think it's so amazingly sophisticated.

people...oh dear.

alright, i'm in science class now, learning about DNA and protein and endoplasmatic reticulum and stuff, which i definitely don't give a shit about, so i share my thoughts with u instead.
on my way to school on thee bus i just realized i don't understand why people DON'T CARE. i'm talking about their looks - greasy hair, fat rolls everywhere, black bras under too-thight white tees, dirty shoes, dirty nails, lack of the use of deodorant sprays, unshaved armpits and legs, people in sweatpants everywhere. WHY? i understand (in fact, i know) how difficult it is to build a stylish and polished lady of the mess that looks back at you from the mirror every morning, but i just can't see the point of not even trying.
as i look around only here, in my class, girls are disasterous, though they're the exact same age as i am. and also i don't agree with what people from lesser rich families say, that being fashionable and hygienic is all about money. IT IS NOT!
this whole topic just upsets me.


shiny tote - rad or bad?

okay so i don't really know about this bag -- i thought that it was too metallic and too shiny and too something, but lately i feel kinda attracted to it. i wonder whether you guys like it or not. please comment, i will not be wearing it if you say it's ugly or something :) thank youuu! xo

the chic bunny.

this tee is a marc jacobs piece. the rabbit on it is the cutest! i mean...she's wearing huge shades, duhh.


cold weather inspiration.

though it's only the second week of september, here it's freezing cold. i have a nice, shiny trench to wear and it's fine, but lately i've seen so many inspiring celebrity and designer cold-weather-looks i couldn't help but wanted to post that i finally do now. 



i'm sitting on a boooooring maths class and got bored so decided to show u my shoes. i love them. what do u think?


interview with the button owl.

i met this amazing blogger on IFB, Nesha, the editor of The Button Owl, which is an amazing blog by the way, with quality content on it, which is actually rare. i asked her a few things about herself just to get you to know her (and myself as well, of course), since i truly believe it's important to sometimes even read things on blogs, not only see pictures, and Nesha's blog is totally on the right track.

Q: When and why did you start blogging?
A: I started blogging about six months ago. I just wanted a place where I could externalise my imagination and get all my ‘word vomit’ out there. I also wanted to become a writer and at the time I had no writing experience, so I thought blogging would be a good place to start. It certainly worked, as my blog helped an editor notice me and now I’m fashion director of her magazine at sixteen.

Q: What are the most common topics of your blog posts?
A: Oh I have no idea, I blog about anything! Obviously the overall topic is fashion, but I also blog about art, I interview designers, I babble about my day… anything goes so long as its good.

Q: How often do you check your blog, its stats, or the comments?
A: Everyday. It’s like my obsession or something! I use Google Analytics and check that once a day to see how the blog is doing, but if I even so much as get one comment I’m immediately commenting back. I’m mad.

Q: How can you fit blogging into your lifestyle? what do you do in real life?

A: I don’t really know how I do it because I lead a very busy life for a teenager. I’m religious for a start, so that takes up a lot of my everyday life. I also freelance for various magazines as well as write for the one I’m fashion director of, so that keeps me busy too.

Q: What do you think is the best thing about blogging?
A: Tough one. For me, it’s probably being able to get everything from out of my mind and into a world where I can say what I want. I like the feeling of freedom it brings.

Q: What is the most important thing on a fashion blog?
A: What it looks like. Sounds picky and vain but it’s true. If your blog looks unprofessional and poorly put together than you won’t find many people will follow it. You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but sadly, that’s what we all do.

you know, what? it was awesome to finally meet a fashion blogger like Nesha! i hope we can work together well in the future. thank you, Nesha!

marc jacobs resort 2011.

surprisingly this season i'm not really into the marc by marc jacobs collection, but i LOVE the basic marc jacobs resort 2011 lookbook. let me show you why. (by the way: the first two (mostly the second) pictures are totally katy perry to me. ain't i right?)

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