recent obsession of mine - makeup.

i've been using makeup for like 8 or 9 years now and i always had a thing for makeups. and now - i ordered this 120 color make-up palette and 24 piece brush kit from ebay and fell for it. i play with it every afternoon - i make funky eyeshades for my mom and myself, try every color as a blush (okay sometimes green blush looks kinda weird. in fact, really weird..) and just, well, figure out which brush works with what kind of makeup product. so it's soooo much fun and i decided to go to a makeup workshop. MAC organizes classes, so i signed up for them...but they didn't call me yet. 
anyways, you guys should definitely expect me to write about makeup a lot in the future...or not a lot, but of course more than before. 

and now let me show you a few cool pictures (i know, most of them are actually photoshop-ed, and wouldn't even look good in real life, but still, they are great. i mean the colors, shadings, shapes and all).

later, xo.

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