my new ring.

okay so i posted about this BCBG ring earlier and told you guys how i loved it and wanted to get it. well i almost bought it, except for that i didn't, because i didn't feel like spendink 150 bucks on it. and i think i made the right decision, 'cause back home i found this ring.

not as extreme as the BCBG one, and a little smaller as well, but with it's small, pretty pink rhinestones in it and the whole design...i love it! i'm totally into rings lately anyways. 
of course i understand if you guys like the BCBG piece better, i just wanted to show you, because i really believe it was a better choice to spend 15 dollars on this, then to spend ten times this amount of money on a ring i didn't even like a lot better. maybe i'll change my mind later though.

later. xo


  1. Very beautiful ring!
    I'm from IFB, come visit mine:

  2. That's a nice ring, my gf loves big fancy rings and is always getting them then falling out with them a few weeks later. Her favourite always remains her Lara Bohinc ring which wasn't cheap. But she absolutely adores it.

    If you feel you don't truly adore the BCBG ring then I'd probably not invest in it. To spend that sort of money on it you need to love it and get a lot of wear out of it.


  3. I like THIS ring...but then I'm not familiar with so much designer jewelry.


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