miss universe 2010.

it's 1.47 AM here in hungary at the moment, so it's officially the 23rd of August here now and we all know the miss universe 2010 beauty pageant is taking place in Vegas today. i checked the official page of the pageant the other day and also watched a few of the videos on youtube about the contestants and finally i decided my favorites are miss usa (i think she's the most natural and spontaneous of them all, and she has a great amount of sense of humor so everything i can possibly like in a person), miss ireland (her hair is amazing, and she's pretty, though she's kinda obnoxious to me) and miss nicaragua (because i think she's the most beautiful of them all, she's got an amazing figure and a very nice face). my country failed on this contest like at the moment they (or we..?) chose their (our..?) candidate. we have this girl, timea babinyecz...i don't really wanna say anything bad about my country and compatriots again, so i won't depreciate her, but just search "miss universe - hungary" on youtube, and watch the video. i'm not linking it here, just because.
miss usa

miss nicaragua

miss ireland

who's your favorite contestant? who do you think will win? 



  1. My opinion is that Miss nicaragua and Miss Ireland are looking good there's something special in them.
    Miss USA is just a simple woman.

  2. Miss Ireland!!! Because I'm from Ireland haha I'm such a supporter haha


  3. well i personally think miss nicaragua is gorgeous, though as i wrote, i adore miss ireland's hair. and i like miss usa's style and humor, based on her video on youtube, not her looks, cause she really is kinda simple :) xo


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