the metropolitan building.

the lady whose place i was staying at while i was in New York City, showed me this building which i fell in love with right in the minute i stepped in. 
the metropolitan building is in Long Island City, Queens, NY, it was built in 1909 and used to be some kind of factory. 30 years ago on a hot summer afternoon, when Eleanor Ambos, a german lady found it, it was empty and strongly required a restoration. Eleanor bought the building in 2 hours after she first saw it, for cash. 
Eleanor was an interior designer and had an antique furniture rental business and she wanted to use the building as a storage place. the building had no walls inside on the upper stories, only huge rooms up there and tiny pantries downstairs. 

Eleanor stored her antique stuff there, but started to feel she had to do something with the whole interior, since naked brick walls were killing her. first, she gathered windows from the streets - windows people threw out when they were restoring their own apartments, etc. those windows became the walls of the Metropolitan Building on the inside - and they still are. Eleanor's friend, Marianne (the lady who showed the place to me) rented a room downstairs as a studio for herself, and they restored the whole building together.

Metropolitan Building is a popular wedding reception location, lots of photoshoots take place and parties and other events are being frequently organized there. let me say, i'm not at all surprised.
each stories have individual styles - one of them looks like Versailles on the inside, another has antique furniture but naked brick walls in it, and on the third story, there's a huge tub on the middle of the level, covered with golden mosaic tiles, in which they pour water and put water lilies on parties and other events. 
why do i write about a building? because i think this building is the most fashionable, most stylish one i've ever seen in my whole life. it screams STYLE really. see for yourselves.

...and a few photos from photoshoots that were here. 


  1. These photos are pure love! I love buildings with style as well...awesome. Visit me on my blog soon! Keep up the posts :)


  2. this building is absolutely breath-taking! I couldn't agree with you more..it screams style! Style is so much more than just clothes. Next time I'm in NYC, I am definitely checking this place out in person!



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