interview with a wardrobe stylist.

since i'm on the Independent Fashion Bloggers' community, I meet amazing people every single day. a few days ago i found this blog and it's editor on the site - the blog is called Laura's Style, the editor is, well, obviously Laura. i decided to ask her a few questions because i thought her job was very interesting and amazing, and i want to share what she said with all of you, my readers.

Q: When and why did you start your career and what is this career exactly?
A: I absolutely adore fashion and I always have. I have always worked for retail companies and I love doing so, but I just wanted to start something on my own. So, I got to thinking....what is it I am good at? And what is it that I know? Hmmmmm....FASHION! A lot of people have told me that I always seem to look put together and sometimes they just come into the boutique I work at just to see what I am wearing today! I would always say thank you, but I am modest so I wouldn't let myself think too deep into it. I never ever want to think that I am perfect!!! I most certainly am not. But one day I decided that I might want to pay attention to what people say about me. Maybe it's someones way of telling me that I should be doing more with my passion for fashion! So, I decided to start my
 own wardrobe stylist business called Laura's Style, where I help my clients find their own unique signature looks. I offer many services that can be found on my blog www.laurasstyle.blogspot.com, but basically it's whatever you want from me I will help you with! I will clean out your closet and help you find items that have potential, and items that have no hope. I will bring them to a consignment shop and set you up an account so that you might be able to make a little money back. The items that have no hope I will donate for you if that is what you would like. I also offer a fashion photo album, which you will find a sample of on my blog. I
 actually photograph outfits for you and put them neatly in an album with descriptions so you can refer back to them when you are getting ready for work, a date, etc. There are so many more services that I offer. You must check out my blog!

Q: What are the basic guidelines when styling someone?
A: When advising someone on their body type I believe that it is all about balance and proportion. You must achieve the most eye appealing silhouette as possible! For some people this can be difficult and confusing. That is what I am here for!
Q: There must be a basic style you work with, something that's uniquely you. How would you describe this style?
A: I can't help but infuse some of my personal style into my clients looks, which is a clean, chic, feminine look, but I never want to dress someone in something they completely hate. However, I do ask that all of my clients be willing to try anything and everything. That is what makes fashion fun! Of course not every style or trend is good for everyone. My clients will always end up with their own unique signature look.

Q: Are there any basic rules we should all live by if we don't want to make any serious style mistakes?

A: RULES ARE MEANT TO BE BROKEN!! Katherine Hepburn said it right when she said "If you obey all the rules you miss all the fun!" I am really big on experimenting. Clothes will never look the same on you as it does on the rack and vise versa, so always be willing to try. I have to say that those mom jeans from the 80's were quite terrible and would never compliment any body type! I also have one other rule. With a clothing makeover something else must follow. A make up and hair makeover!! You are never completely styled until you have the TOTAL LOOK!
Q: Who do you think people should turn to when in need of style advices?
A: Who would I recommend to turn to as a style advisor other than myself? Hmmmm. I would have to say that Tim Gunn can be kind of stuffy but he is almost always right. I love how he says that fashion should never be too comfortable. It is a good thing when you don't feel like you are in your p.j.'s!! It is one of my pet peeves when a client says that she doesn't like something because it is uncomfortable when it looks fantastic on her! I also look up to style icons such as Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, and Jackie Kennedy. Such simplicity yet such fabulous style!

i think this, what she's doing, is fabulous. what do you think? would you turn to a wardrobe stylist? 

later. xo


  1. Great interwiev! Well done! Hope theres more on the way.

  2. thank you :) and i'd like to thank laura again for helping me with this post. she's amazing! :) xo

  3. Nice one. Laura you have same passion for fashion as me..your interview was great..hope if i follow you , i can grow as you..thank

  4. Great interview! love her answer.

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