hungarian street style blogs.

so i googled around a bit to show you, my dear readers from the other side of the world my homeland, hungary's street style blogs. they're deceiving though - hungarian people are faaaaaaar not that stylish. these blogs show the exceptions and people in these blogs are usually not real pedestrians, these photos are fully pre-organized and set. 

our style in hungary (some things on it are also there in english) mostly shows hungary based designers (totally obscure designers though) usually from budapest, the capital. you can see on the photos that they're not real at all, but the styles are kinda okay-ish i guess. the blog also has posts on it about hungarian art events. 

lookz once used to be known as "budapest style" - it shows people from the streets and festivals of budapest, they're rated and the site is only available in hungarian so i guarantee you won't understand a word of the comments - good on you. the site is good though, worths a check.

cotcot street fashion is (all hungarian and) really real and catches a few of the (rare) stylish people on the streets and malls. the site all in all is not bad, but i usually browse it just to get horrified by the tastelessness of my compatriots.   

art and style (last but not least) is a special one - it shows street style pictures in a painted version. things on it are there in english, but the style-part is poor. it's only interesting because of the quality of the paintings, the talent of the painter and the total reality of the demonstrated looks. just imagine - 95% percent of the residents of the country look like (or worse than) these people. 

i really don't mean to criticize my homeland and all, but i must admit the truth. people here are not at all stylish and they have the poorest of taste in fashion, design, anything that requires a little sense of aesthetic. 
check the people on the sartorialist or just on american or french or even norwegian street style blogs - see the difference? i just don't think i need to say anything else. 
my aim with this blog is to meet, communicate and co-op with people who are just as interested in style as i am and who are also in pain when seeing a girl in stuff like...well...these:

i'm dying to read your thoughts and comments on hungarian people's sense of fashion and the blogs i linked above. 

later. xo


  1. Sigh. Probably everywhere most people aren't very stylish. :)

  2. Well, at least the stylish ones were captured on film (even if it had to be staged! haha). And ^^ is true. There are a lot of people out there who don't care about personal style. I cannot relate :/

  3. you guys are probably right, there are people who don't care about their style at all everywhere in the world. thanks for the comments though :) xo

  4. yeah.totally agree.lots of people doesnt care about their appearance here..its a pity...but there are some really good looking ones;)

  5. Compared to North London, I find Budapest full of stylish women, well-groomed, smartly dressed, conscious of their appearance. And not fat and lazy like so many of the English.


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