how i accessorized my plain white dress today.

i wore this white vince dress today (umm, i actually still do), which looks good enough by itself, but i looooove accessories. let me show you those i have on today :)

this is an amazing (coach) purse, really. it's a sidebag and i lovelovelove it - not big enough for all my crap though. anyways, credit card, cash, phone and makeup fit in.

the thong sandals are from BCBG MaxAzria - nude leather straps and a gold chain on the top. comfy and gorgeous, my new favorite.

and finally i have a long necklace on with this medal on it - i got it from my grandma like ages ago and it's still my favorite, i love how it's so delicate and simple, still looks sophisticated enough. 

so these are my accessories today. i tried to find a photo of the dress i wear online as well, but i couldn't find it. it's from saks fifth avenue by the way. my favorite dress - loose on the top and tight on my thighs, so amazing and hottt.

later. xo


  1. The necklace is lovely!

    Best, Jenny


  2. Love a white ensemble as a blank canvas for accessories. Very awesome :)


  3. i love things that are handed down. . makes them esp. treasured :)

  4. That's a really, really beautiful necklace. x

  5. thanks you so much, guys, i'm glad you like my necklace :) xo

  6. Where can I find those sandals??? I LOVE them!!


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